Icon's disappeared and now cannot re-size when adding new ones


I had used 4 people icons in my presentation and when I went back in to finish it two of the icons disappeared, I tried to re-load the presentation and the other two disappeared. When I try to add an icon or an image back into the presentation I am unable to resize them to the size I need.

This is not an issue if I open a new blank template but I don’t want to restart if I don’t need to.

Any help appreciated

Hello @David_Inglis, I have reverted the presentation to the version with the 4 icons so you can edit it for now.

Meanwhile, I also created a copy of your presentation in order to investigate this issue and will let you know as soon as we have more details.

Could you please tell us which browser are you using?


Same thing happening again.

Using Chrome and Edge


Hello @David_Inglis, I reverted the presentation again, could you check if it’s working correctly now?

Did this happen automatically or did you insert any content before they disappeared?


Same thing happening again.
Using Chrome
Please help me because it is my homework
Sorry for my English, I’m Italian


Hello @Francesco_Giustino, could you please send us the view link of the presentation so we can investigate it?