Icons & Symbols broken


The icons & Symbols aren’t working in my presentation today. I took a short video to show, if interested, but here’s a screenshot of what the icon looks like instead (the gray box):


@Plastic_Ingenuity Sorry for the late reply and the inconvenience. We reported the issue to our developers and are running further tests and will let you know when the bug is fixed.

Can you tell me if the problem persists when you use Chrome or Firefox? Thanks in advance.


Chrome is fine, I don’t use Firefox (anymore, I used to have but uninstalled, apologies).
Just broken in the app I think.


We tested the feature both on Mac and Windows and were not able to recreate the issue, could you send us the screencast you created and the system/technical specs of your device so we can forward them to the developers? Thanks!



I’ll mssg you the specs next