I'd like to add new subtopics but I only see "add page"




I’m an absolute beginner in using Prezi Next, and I’m not very good in english…

To make me an idea of Prezi, I’m actually working with the gratis version, and I’m not able to add any subtopics. When I open a topic, I never see the button “add subtopic” on the bottom left, but only the button “add page”.

Is this a limitation due to the gratis version or me who’s doing mistake ?

Thanks for helping.

Yves Martin


Adding subtopics is possible with all license types. I’m attaching a short gif on how to add a new subtopic:

If you only see +Page, it means that you already added a Stack type of subtopic where you can add further stacks. If you’d prefer adding planet type of subtopics, please zoom out of the stack, and +Subtopic sign should appear again.

I hope it helps!


Thanks a lot ! In certains topic already created in a model it’s not possible to add un subtopic, but if I create a topic, I can add a subtopic.


Could you share a link so that we can check?


If I took for example the model named “Post-it”, I can not add a subtopic in a existant post-it. I can just add a page.


The Post it template uses Stack type of subtopics, that’s why it’s not possible to add Planet type of subtopics inside. Sorry if it was confusing!


How can I add a sub-sub-topic to a sub-topic? I only see an option to add another page. Is there a limit to how deep the sub-topics will go?


@Staci_Friedel please see my answer above on how to switch back to adding further subtopics.

As for layers, depending on the structure of your presentation, the ideal number of layers can differ, but for the best performance, we do not suggest to go deeper than 5 layers within a topic.


Thanks for the quick response. Does that mean we can only use a format from a template and cannot add more “layers” to a presentation? How do we know which template fits our needs? Thumbing through all of them to see which one has 5 layers would be a giant time suck. Can you tell me which options have 4 or 5 layers?


Sorry if my answer was confusing. There are some templates with limitations but in general, you can add both Planet subtopics or Stacks, but once you added a stack, you can’t add further Planet subtopic layers. In those cases, you should zoom out of the stack, and +Subtopic sign should appear again.

4-5 layers is not a strict limitation as the structure is very much dependant on the type of content you insert into your presentation. This is more like a guideline for a smooth performance.


Hi everyone,

I’m trying to make a subtopic (a section in my section).

When I’m in the overview I can add a section but when I click on this section I only can create a “page”…

I don’t understand because when I look at Prezi tutorials, they say we can add subsection, but I only have the button page and when I click on, it creates a page, not a circle or other form…

Please help…



@Clement_Wx I’ve merged your question to the thread discussing the same difficulty, please see my suggestions above.


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