I'd like to scale lines in my presentation more that it lets me


I’ve figured out what the problem is. It is existing lines that cannot be scaled past a certain point once on the canvas depending on the level of zoom in which they were inserted. If I zoom in past the point an existing line was placed at I can insert a new line that will scale shorter than the other but stops at the same point in its own zoom level. (if that makes any sense…)

This is still a somewhat frustrating feature since the existing lines cannot be scaled down further even when zooming into the canvas more… but now workable, just with extra steps to zoom, insert new line, and then make the lines look the same weight.

One example, I have an anatomy slide in on of my Prezis with lines pointing to different areas of a brain. I needed some lines shorter than they would let me scale in order for them to work in my layout. I was simply duplicating (copy pasting) lines so they all were the same weight. But it seems I need to take the extra steps to zoom more into the canvas, insert a new line and then increase the weight to make it look the same as the other lines.

Presets do not seem to effect the line weight overall which would help with some of the extra steps (unless I am doing something wrong?). But I at least know now how I can sort of artificially make lines shorter than existing ones that won’t scale any shorter.

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@LPG_Team I’ve run some tests and could reproduce the limitation in scaling lines, so I’ve created a new feature request so that we could report it to our product managers. Sorry for the frustration it might cause in the meantime!


Thanks! I am glad I found a workaround that helps for now. I appreciate you making the report!