Idea: Floating text editing options instead

I have some large text boxes and am making some of the text different colors and am bolding - I’d REALLY like to be able to make my headers larger, but it makes all my text bigger when I try (not just what I highlighted).  But, while trying to change some text into a different color, I have to highlight the text and then move my page up so that I can get to the font editing options.  Then, I have to move the page back down to get to the next text I want to change…highlight it…then move the page back up to get to the options…and so on.  Very slow.  

Idea: when I’m editing a textbox and I highlight text, it’d be nice to have a floating pop-up for the text options instead.  Right-clicking to edit would even work…even that would be faster than the up/down required now for large boxes of text.

Did that make sense?

It’s not that I’m trying to show something bigger than my screen.  For my particular question, I was working with a large text box that I’d copied/pasted into Prezi so that I could work with it.  As I was working to add some formatting to it so that I could pare it down, I had to be zoomed in close enough to be able to read the text to format it.  As the top of the box was off the page in this field, when I highlighted some text lower down in the box, I then had to zoom out so that I could see the editing box.  What I was asking for was “user highlights text, the text modification options pop up right there next to that highlighted text, I pick my options and then click ‘x’ to close it”.  Hope that makes more sense.

Thank you.  I neglected to really convey, I think, the amount of time it takes me zoom in to find/highlight my text, zoom out to get to the editing options, zoom back in to highlight the next section, zoom out to edit…and so on.  :slight_smile:

Agreed.  I have been dumping pics, text, etc. onto my Prezi “canvas” and have been working to pare it down.  I’d say you’re right in that I could use a text editor (Word) to do my paring, really, and that I should just be dumping in the pared-down text into Prezi.  Thanks for the response!