Ideas for improving Prezi

Loving Prezi, but it would be even better if you could do the following:

  • Add audio clips (mp3)
  • Have options to change colour of text/frames/arrows etc.
  • Insert hyperlinks.

Sound and ways to change colours are a great ideas!

Hyperlinks are possible. Here is what Adam replied to an earlier post:

>Adam Somlai-Fischer, Official Rep, replied 20 days ago:
>Just enter the link as text starting with "http://". For example > Save and reload your prezi, all texts starting with http >will turn into links.
>A hint: while editing, you can select links with drag select, as click >select will open the links for the moment

Thanks for that feedback viosif - I must have missed that post on hyperlinks when looking through the forum.

Having added some links, it would be even better to be able to hyperlink from a single word, rather than having to type in the whole link - to save space.

Oh, and it seems that only the first link in a text field is hyperlinked, the others remain as plain text (see

Any help appreciated,

I had a look at your presentation. I think it is a bug and you could report it. Try typing them individually (in their own separate text field). That may work.

yes unfortunately today the whole text object becomes the link… you need to separate them…

sound is coming, a workaround until we are done: just put the mp3 into a video and for image add an icon of a speaker? this would play the sound if in focus. if you need a sound continuously and have access to Flash, just upload an swf with the sound in it (and some graphics so you can find it) - that should play continuously.

Thanks for that feedback,

In addition to changing the colors of frames, I’d like the option to make them transparent or semi-transparent

Adam already has a cool idea for putting audio in the prezi.
I use the mp3-to-swf-converter from
You can create (more or less) beatiful musicplayer-buttons.

Look at my “educational” prezi about blues-scales which has the play/pause/stop buttons:

Maybe it helps you!


but all those things already exist, you can sent to the back an item, and the frames are for that, you select everything inside a frame and move it…

but all those things already exist, you can sent to the back an item, and the frames are for that, you select everything inside a frame and move it…

Awesome, thanks Abel. I just figured out how to send an item to back, but I’m still stumped on the other one. I can drag frame contents one by one, but I can’t drag the entire thing in one click. Is there a way to do that?

You can left-click and drag to select everything inside the frame (including the frame) and now you can use the ZEBRA tool to move, resize and rotate all those items.

You can also shift click to add multiple items. For both you need to be in place mode!

I want to do this too… I guess it may be a bug in Safari, but when I went to your Prezi, it was playing music in the background with no option to stop it, and none of the play or stop buttons did anything at all. Nothing else played. How does it work when it is normal? Maybe all three are playing at the same time for me? What is playing does sound harmonized, like it isn’t supposed to be together, but I may not know what style/effect you were illustrating :slight_smile:


Yeah - I’m frustrated by this too.

OK Guys but where change font color and style ? and also when i buy on of existing package, there will be more options or same as free edition?

Two years ago sound was said to be produced for Prezi, so where is this feature?

you could make it a paintbrush if necessary with different thicknesses. But please do not forget how PREZI users are very creative people… their best ideas are sketched using a pencil! Bring the intuitive CREATIVE TOOL BACK: the PENCIL TOOL! POR FAVOR… MANY THANKS! !](](…