If I change my e-mail address will I lose my content?

¿Si cambio el correo electrónico asociado a la cuenta puedo perder las presentaciones?

Hola @Victor_Zalalla_Massa, no perderá ninguna presentación si cambia el correo electrónico asociado a su cuenta, ellas irán continuar conectadas a la misma.

Si hay algo mas con que le podamos ayudar, por favor, póngase en contacto con nosotros!

Gracias, Catarina.

Un saludo,

Departamento de Lengua castellana y Literatura
HBS Tres Cantos

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Can I please see the answer to this question in English?

Hello @LISA_REENTS, if you change your e-mail address you won’t lose any content, all the presentations will remain connected to your account.

We’re also reaching out privately so we can further assist you!


I changed my job roles and my existing email is no longer active. I would like to change the email address for login into my PPREZI account. Would it b possible to log in on PREZI via my personal Gmail account and can delete my original address as it is not longer valid.?
Many thanks

Hello @Bojan_Jovanovic, you would need to login into Prezi using the current associated e-mail address, and then change it following the instructions mentioned in this article.

Are you able to login into Prezi?

Hope to hear from you soon!