If I share a presentation with someone, will they be able to download it?


When you share a prezi next presentation with someone via a link, will they be able to download the presentation? Basically, I want to share a prezi next presentation in a “read-only” type format wherein they cannot edit it and cannot download. This way, if I later decide to revoke access, I know they don’t have a copy lingering around out there (unless they screen shot every slide).

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If you share a view link with someone, they won’t be able to download it as it is only possible from the desktop application. You can revoke a view link anytime.

If you want to share a presentation with editing and exporting rights, you should add the others as collaborators.

Professor shared Prezi with a View Only link, is there any way to download it?

Hello @William_Wasser, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

Please, check the reply above. In addition, downloading presentations is only possible with a Plus or higher license.

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