If I upgrade my Classic license, will Next also be included?


I have a Classic Edu Enjoy license.

Two questions I cannot find answered elsewhere:

  1. If I upgrade to Classic Edu Pro now, will this include Next Edu Plus?? Grandfathered in… or was that offer only for old paying customers?

  2. I see that a Next Plus license can be purchased as a month-per-month item for $20 and not as a per-year subscription. Is that monthly type of license also available for Edu? Would be great. I cannot justify paying $84 for one year if I only need Prezi for one or two presentations per year.

Thanks much for an answer.


If you upgrade to Edu Pro, you will get a corresponding Prezi Next license to the active Prezi Classic license. This addition will automatically renew and will be available as long as you keep your original license active.

As for Edu Plus, we currently don’t offer monthly subscriptions, only yearly, I’m afraid.


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Hi, i’m a french teacher and i’m not sure to understand ,

i use prezi classic and not i’ve just begun to work with next

if i buy a license for prezi next edu plus, will i be able to use your it for both applications desktop (classic and next)?

Thanks for your answer


Yes, @Marc_Le_Goff, you will have access to both, but you will have to download and install them separately.


Thanks for your answer