Image library - Part I: background image

Now you can make your presentation even more fabulous with over 500.000 new images + icons!

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  • Background image

When creating a presentation, the first step is to select a background image that will help us to set the general mood and display the message we want to convey to our audience.

With our new image search, this becomes an easier task as you can insert key words and choose from an endless list of possibilities.

(Note: at the moment you can only search for key words in English)

Here are some tips to help you with choosing your background:

1. In the following presentation we wanted to give an idea of growth/journey, so we selected a mountain and placed the topics in an ascending order:


2. If you want to transmit the idea of evolution, you can use an image that will allow you to place your topics in a spiral:


3. In case your presentation is centred around a theme, you should choose an image where you can set a central topic with several planets surrounding it:


4. If your presentation is about setting a comparison, selecting an image with two elements would reinforce that idea: