Image library - Part II: Icons and Symbols

Create an iconic presentation and connect with your audience visually with the help of the searchable Prezi icon library!

(Paid feature: access to the searchable Prezi icon and image library is available for users with a Standard or higher Prezi Next plan.)

Why use icons and symbols? There are a number of ways how you can enhance your presentation with using icons. Just to mention a couple of the benefits:

  • Icons and symbols can complement your text and help you convey your message more easily
  • They help you draw attention, highlight or list things, and make ideas more understandable to your audience
  • Icons add value to your presentation by creating associations. If the icon/symbol has a clear meaning, your audience will link it easily and quickly to the desired function
  • With icons you can facilitate skimming, since they can quickly signal to your audience what the topic is about, and help direct their attention to certain areas of the canvas

How can you insert icons and symbols?

  • First, navigate to the area in the presentation where you’d like to add the icon
  • Click on the Insert button in the toolbar at the top of the screen, and select Icons&Symbols
  • Browse the icon library or search by keyword in the right panel
  • Once you find the icon you want to use, double click on its thumbnail or just drag and drop it to the canvas
  • You’ll see the icon appear as it loads in the background. You can then move it, resize it and rotate it

Currently there are 17 different styles you can choose from (click to see preview):

You can search in one specific category or in the entire icon library:

41 21

Some useful tips to keep in mind:

  • The simpler the better
    Use icons and symbols to communicate information in a concise manner and to clean up and organize your thoughts

  • Relevance is key
    To be able to effectively communicate information in a visual way, the icon should be easily recognizable and relevant to the topic of your presentation

  • First impression matters
    When selecting your icons be mindful of the emotional responses different visuals can elicit from your audience

  • Stay in style
    Try to find the best style to fit the colors of your template and the mood of your presentation