Image Optimisation



I am creating a pitch prezi to send out. I have been adding many images to the prezi, none of which are enormous (but large enough to preserve image quality) but when added together the Mb all add up.

When I come to export my prezi the output file size is huge, far too big for me to send via email. Is there an image optimisation function that I am missing which will cut the file sizes? Otherwise how can I reduce my file size without having to manually resize all of my source images?

Thanks for our help,


Hi! Unfortunately it is not possible to change the exported presentation’s size, I would suggest either compressing the file before sending it or using a file transfer service such as A workaround would be using smaller images/videos/etc in the presentation.


@Jon_Butters I’ve downloaded the .exe prezi files and then uploaded to SharePoint (to a private group I created) which allows invited members to then search and download as needed. I find it helpful since I have multiple presentations and multiple team members; this way I’m not repeating the same actions as much, I guess. Just thought I’d suggest in case the other ideas hadn’t worked out.