Image rotating automatically

When I import an image from my computer file, and add it a pathway, the picture automatically turns sideways. How can I get it to not turn sideways??!!

I don’t know if it’s possible to change the default, but it’s easy to rotate images. Just select the image, put your cursor on a corner and hold down the CTRL & ALT keys. You can rotate it now!

Hope that helps.


I am having the same issue and doing the CTRL & ALT key did not work. There is no option to rotate the photo. Does anyone know how to rotate an image? Thanks!

@Rick_Campos @Olivia_Long Could you send us the links of your presentations in question so we can investigate directly? Thanks in advance.

Here is the Prezi link. I allowed you edit/corroboration status so you can see the picture orientation before it turns sideways in the actual presentation.

Thanks for trying to help out.


@Rick_Campos To solve this issue, please remove the images and rotate them externally so they are by default horizontal. That way you will be able to add them and zoom to the properly. Sorry for the inconvenience!

When I upload an image into Next it turns the pic 90* horizontally even though the original one is already set vertically. Then if I rotate the picture back 90* while editing, so that it is no longer sideways, when I go to present and click the image the screen rotates back the 90* so the picture is zoomed into sideways. Even if I try to leave the image sideways and then click it in presenter mode the image will actually remain sideways instead of rotating. It seems to only happen when I upload images that were uploaded from my phone. However, those pictures when opened on any other photo software are in the vertical position until I upload them to either Classic or Next. And the pics I’m uploading were taken with the phone camera in the vertical position, so I’m not sure why the Prezi program is turning them and then leaving them sideways even after editing.

Hello @Stephan_Seabury, could you please send us the link of the presentation so we can investigate it?

i am having the same problem

Hello @Arlene_Herrera, please consult this article tutorial to learn how you can rotate objects in Prezi Next. Please note that even if you rotate the image, when zooming in on it, Prezi will automatically display the image in its original format (vertical or horizontal). In case you’d like to change this, first you’ll need to modify the image outside of Prezi. If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us.