Images and PDFs won't load, prezi won't sync


We have a new prezi that has been worked on over the last couple of days, its seems to have got to a point where it can’t cope anymore. It is on the Next platform and all the slides have the spinning wheel on them, only the text is visible.

We have tried using the desktop app which at least lets us get the the slides but all the images and pdf’s are invisible. If we click on an image we can select edit image and the image displays, clicking on update then shows the image on the slide but it continues to have a spinning wheel on it. while this spinning wheel is there we can’t seem to save as it doesnt want to sync.

I have disabled GPU in chrome, tried in the app but the command line operators I found on here didnt work. tried right clicking on the desktop icon and selecting the main GPU. but nothing has helped.

Added all the addresses to the popup list.

Is there limitations on the number of images and PDFs?

What else can we try?

Laptop is an i7-4710HQ 16GB of Ram GPU is a 860M

link to Prezi



Also what is strange is we can download to a PDF and all the content is there, also downloading the prezi all the content is there although some of the text is fuzzy for a moment.

problem is we can’t finish off the prezi in the editor as it wont save.



Hi @Derry_Ltd_Matthew_Ho, although there is no exact limitation for the size and the amount of PDF/image/video files that can be used in one presentation, this is most probably why your device cannot handle the size of the presentation anymore. Have you tried to open it on a different computer too?

The link you shared seems to be invalid, can you send a new one or tell me the title of the presentation so we can investigate it directly? Thanks in advance.




new link

title is called
Copy of GOS DL221 M&E Pre Commencement

We made a copy as we have managed to work around it with the offline editor, we can’t see the images but even though it says its not saving it does save. Downloading the prezi to present does work even if some things need a moment to refresh.



Thanks, did you also try to export the presentations as a portable file? DO the images load there?