Images are blurry during presentation

I have created a Prezi from around 70 different images (1 image = 1 slide), using it as a stop-motion tool. The transition between slides is great for this and the zooming in and out gives the presentation a real edge that has been very well received. I have exported an offline EXE version of my presentation and my problem is that when the presentation starts, the pictures are crystal clear at each transition, but then after about 15 slides, at the transition the image is blurry. I check the task manager and the graphics processor is maxing out. After about 5 seconds the picture goes from blurry to crystal clear. This gets worse the further I go into the presentation.
When I run the presentation online I have a similar issue, but not as bad - the blurriness only lasts for 1-2 seconds. But, I don’t always trust the wifi connection during the presentation, which is why I always like to have the EXE.
I have tried tuning my graphics processor, which helped a bit, but the issue still persists. I also found an article that advised to run the EXE and run through the entire presentation so that it caches all of the images - but this does not work. Every time I go back and then into the same slide again the blurriness is there (again for about 5 seconds). I wonder if I am just trying to do something with Prezi that it was not made for? I’m having to try Powerpoint Zoom as an alternative as I just can’t seem to fix the blurry issue.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Hello @Andrew_Son-Smith, in case you’ve created a presentation using only images this problem can happen because of the size and/or number of the images uploaded, as Prezi is not optimized for creating stop-motion unfortunately. I apologize for any inconvenience. I would recommend using smaller files and less topics/subtopics, currently the recommended depth is maximum 6-7 subtopics. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us.

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Thanks for the super quick reply @Sara - that makes complete sense. The images are already quite small - there are just far too many of them. I am glad I reached out as I was trying all sorts of workarounds (tuning the GPU, etc) to no avail. Will remember this for my next Prezi :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome. Have a great day!