Images change when Prezi downloaded

My Prezi (created in Classic) looks fine when I present it online, but when I download the Prezi file to present it offline some of the text moves around making it impossible to read. Any suggestions why this is happening? I have been using this presentation for 5-6 year and this has never been a problem until now.

@Jennifer_Carpenter, could you pease send us a link to the presentation?

Also, please know that for Prezi Classic-related questions we have a Prezi Classic-dedicated forum,

Hi Lana,

Sorry to put my question on the wrong forum. Do you want me to delete it and migrate across; happy to?

Here is prezi:

The images in question are steps 19 to 24. In editing mode they look fine, but in presentation mode the text has shifted.

Thanks for help in advance,


Hi Lana,

I am approaching another workshop in the next couple of weeks and I need to resolve this issue. Could you get back to me soon?

Thanks, Jenny

Hello @Jennifer_Carpenter, I would recommend you to use our old viewer to present: You can also click on the Present button from the editor and it will take you to that viewer.

Dear Lana,

I still have this same problem and I am approaching another workshop. If this can’t get fixed I will consider ending my membership as I can’t have this type of issue on a professional presentation.

Please can you make contact,


Hi again Lana,

Here is the link the the presentation:

The images in question are steps 19 to 24. In editing mode they look fine, but in presentation mode the text has shifted.

Thanks, Jenny

Hello @Jennifer_Carpenter, could you please open the presentation through our old presenter viewer: This should fix the issue with the position of the text. You can also try to click on the Present button from the editor and it will take you to that viewer.

Hi @Catarina, Sorry to miss your first comment. I have worked out the problem: I clicked on your link in Chrome and it didn’t help, but when I click on it in Firefox it did. So there seems to be some issue with Prezi Classic and Chrome.

Also, when i download the presentation from this version in Firefox (where it looks fine) the problem persists. I don’t always have internet when presenting and so I like the presentation downloaded. Do you have suggestions?

Hello @Jennifer_Carpenter, you have to turn on the WebGL in Chrome in order to access the viewer, I am sending a video example on how to do so:


As this is an old Classic presentation, I am afraid that the only solution would be to present it using the mentioned viewer.

Since I can’t download my Prezi Presentantions from the Internet, I am using the Prezi Desktop App to show my presentations offline. The problem is that the quality of images is lower than it used to be. Could you fix that?


Hello @Marcello_Araujo, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Could you please send us the title of one presentation where you’re experiencing this issue, so we can investigate it?

Okay. Let me explain better. When I’m using the Prezzi Desktop App, everything is fine, the quality of images and text are great, but when I download a presentation to use it offline, the resolution of text and images deacreases and everything is a little blurry. That didn’t use to happen in the past.

The title of one of my presentations: THE PAST AND THE PAST CONTINUOUS

When I used to download from the Internet the quality of text and images were excellent, but you guys took a simple tool away from many subscribers and I don’t understand why you did that, it was just a “download” function online.

Hello @Marcello_Araujo, we are performing some changes in our Classic view pages, and the download button is no longer available through there, but you can do it through the desktop application :slight_smile:

In relation to the quality of the text and images, I have tested your presentation comparing the downloaded version with the desktop editor and couldn’t find any differences, as you can see here. Could you please send us a screenshot of how does this look for you?

Hi, I made print screen of two slides: One is the Prezi Desktop and the other is the downloaded presentation. You can see that there is a difference of image quality (text and pics). Unfortunately I don’t know how to upload the print screens here.

Let me assure you that there is indeed a difference in quality among the Prezi Desktop/Online Prezi and the downloaded versions (from the Prezi Desktop).

It really bugs me, because I always try to seach for high quality pictures and it’s really frustrating that you removed a simple and yet great tool (download button) from the Prezi Online for reasons you really don’t explain (you just give generic answers).

I really hope you can relate to my problem and solve it.

Hello @Marcello_Araujo, please check here how you can attach images to your reply. It would be very helpful if you could send the screenshots :slight_smile:

The download feature in the application doesn’t reduce the quality of the content, we would need to investigate your issue further to better understand.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi @Marcello_Araujo, could you tell me if you are using a Windows PC or a Mac?
I have tested it as well on Mac and I see no difference between the two version, but I see the difference on your screenshots.

You can still download your presentation in the online editor. I would advise you to open up your presentation for editing, then click on the “Share” button on the top right corner where you should find an option to download your portable presentation.
Please let me know if this version has the same resolution change.

Thanks for the information Bart! This will help me a lot! My prezis will have higher quality. I use windows 10, in a Dell Laptop