Import a PowerPoint file



I’ve tried to import PowerPoint but menù item is disabled
What am I wrong?

Importing a Power Point to Prezi Next

Currently, the PPT import feature is being revamped for Prezi Next and is not released yet. I apologize for any inconvenience.

In the meantime what I can suggest is to export your PPT presentations in PDF or JPEG format and then insert it as images.


I am trying to add power point slides to my Prezi Next presentation… Is this not possible? The option is greyed out in the drop down menu. If so, what subscription level do I need to buy to have this feature?



@Lauren_Patnoe I’ve merged your question into a topic discussing the same feature request. Sorry for any inconvenience!


Just curious…i just subscribed prezi next with edu plus package. Bu it seems has no features for importing powerpoint. Is it normal?


Yes, PowerPoint import isn’t available in Prezi Next at this time.
A possible workaround is to export your your PPT slides as images, and import those to your Prezi presentation.


Read my blog article: Import PPT to Prezi Next for detailed instructions.

@Mazuki_Mohd_Yasim, @Lauren_Patnoe, @Michele_Parisi - Give it a try.



The worst part of the new Prezi Next is that the Powerpoint import feature has been removed.
Even with the Plus account i am not able to view the option.

When i contacted support, they told me that its no more there and tried to sell me a business account for at least 4 people with amount of $2400 just to get this minor feature. Offcourse comes along other options like collaboration etc.

Very sad but this is not the only way to get more money from your customers


@Gordon_Freeman you don’t need a Prezi Business account to import PowerPoint. Read my blog article for step-by-step instructions: Import PPT to Prezi Next.



This is frustrating. I moved to Prezi Next for that. Does Prezi Premium offer that? Can’t redo all my PPT presentations. Disappointing.


@Larry_Gbevlo-Lartey The ppt import feature is currently only included in the Prezi Business package for teams.

However, as recommended above, I can also suggest you to convert your ppt slides to images, or a more convenient workaround is to convert the ppt to pdf and insert this file into the presentation. Similarly to the ppt slides, the pdf pages will be inserted as stacks.


Is it going to be available for the personal license? I really need it!


@Miguel_Angel_Navia_V, it is not on our short-term map at the moment, I am afraid.


You can import your PowerPoint slides regardless of your subscription type. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the article below to export them as images. Then you can import them to Prezi Classic or Prezi Next.

Read this article: Import PowerPoint to Prezi Next

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