Import diagrams from Smartdraw and Creately

Hello everybody. I’m discovering Prezi, but I’m an user of Smartdraw, a software very useful for creating animated flowcharts and so on. I was wondering if it was possible to import diagrams made with Smartdraw into a Prezi presentation. I have tried to import a ppt done with Smartdraw, but it did not work

Hello TW,

I’m not that familiar with SmartDraw - however, only basic swf animations are allowed in Prezi at this time, but these will usually loop once you put them on to the Prezi canvas - SWF files with coding (AS3) will also not be imported correctly.

What you can do is import the animation as a video or make a screencast of the animation so that when approached on the path it will autostart (it must have a path point directly on to the video).

If you can import as a PDF or swf file you can usually maintain the sharp edges of the image if that is exportable.

hope this helps



You seems to have experience with few diagramming tools, have you tried creately online diagramming and collaboration software ? 

Yes Vera, you can import graphics to prezi from creately, specially diagrams