Import editors from one Prezi to another

I have a Prezi that I have been working on with a class of 29 students.  Every day to every few days, I make a copy of it just in case something happens to the original.  The problem is that if something does happen such that I need to share the copy with the class to replace the original, I then have to go through and manually type each student’s email address in again to make them a contributor to the copy.  And because Prezi does not show each editor’s email address in the list of collaborators, this effectively means that I have to go back through my class, student by student, and ask them for/manually type in every address again.

I would like the ability to import editors/collaborators from Prezi to Prezi; that way, Prezi still doesn’t have to show everyone’s email addresses, but the Prezi owner could easily share a copy or a new Prezi with the same collaborators they’ve already worked with in the past.