Import Prezi Classic presentations into Prezi Next

I think, so long as we arrive at a point where you can convert classic presentations into Next, I’m not necessarily bothered by having to make the transition. The problem is that I have literally hundreds of hours invested in the current set of presentations. Honestly, it’s pretty weird that Prezi didn’t have this feature ready out of the gate - I’m guessing that it has been a huge barrier to adoption of the new software. I haven’t even looked at it for more than two seconds.

It’s getting toward 1 month since I reached out about the above issues. Given that, especially the explicit point about what the lack of feedback communicates to your long time backers, I’m concerned this is confirming our worse fears - our loyalty and hundreds of hours of work don’t seem to matter to Prezi.
Please, tell us it isn’t so…

Just echoing what people are saying. I would have expected this feature to be offered. We’ve put in weeks of work into our Prezis and even hired consultants to develop them. We won’t re-do all that work.
Following the development of this closely.


We have been waiting since 2017 for this and yet even one of the developer engineers who got on this thread has no idea when they are going to do this or if they are. . . it is beyond frustrating! We are with you on this!

Right. That’s exactly it – I don’t mind the transition, either. That’s how technology works and progression. But, as you noted, I too have literally hundreds of hours invested and it’s unfathomable to think that work would be rendered useless moving forward.

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For those of you who are frustrated with Prezi Next and wishing to convert your Classic presentations, my company offers a conversion service. Find more information here: Convert Prezi Classic to Next.

Robin Pierman, Prezi Expert at TeachMePrezi

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I’d like to add one more thing: As far as I can see right now, the insecurity about continuation of the platform - or from a user’s viewpoint preservation of a large amount of work - may lead to the reaction to stick to well established quasi standards (i.e. Powerpoint, OpenOffice, Keynote, LaTeX) for writing presentations. All of those are just sequential forms of presenting slides with all the side effects that Prezi has been trying to get rid of.

Not supporting the creative mind mapping like style of presentation writing really means a lot of cultural loss! There is no alternative product right now and I don’t understand why Prezi is not investing into this fundamental competitive advantage. This is not only a technical issue, it is even more a marketing, management, customer relations issue to say the least.

Why is there no proper official communication? Doing this in a support forum is certainly not appropriate. Or are there so few Classic customers that the company does not need to care?

I want to echo other people’s claims. From what I understand, Prezi Next might technically have the same functionality as Prezi Classic, and I’m definitely not opposed to learning the new platform (although, in my brief experience using it, I felt like it was basically just a glorified PowerPoint). But, if I have to invest the countless hours required to recreate all my presentations, I’m going to switch to PowerPoint, which is dependable and never - as far as I can tell - has done such things to customers. The fact you didn’t have this feature ready out of the gate, to be quite honest, is literally one of the most absurd things I’ve ever seen done by a company.

I’ve been waiting patiently for awhile - partially because I just don’t want to bite the bullet and actually just start moving everything over to PowerPoint - but it doesn’t seem like you guys aren’t understanding the gravity of this complaint. You need to get a good share of your staff working on it now. Think about it: if you lose me, you’re also losing the literally thousands of students who move through my classes, who think Prezi is cool but get a “I can’t honestly recommend it” whenever they ask if they can use it. I’m not going to encourage them to get invested in an ecosystem that seems like it won’t be around in five years.

As i read the phrase “Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not people” know that i’m addressing the entire Prezi Team, and not you personally.
Over the past several years I have used Prezi in my classroom. I currently have over 130 presentations, across several different courses, and have been a paying member since I became a full time teacher. I’ve been using Prezi since before you guys monetized certain features like inserting images directly from searches within the Prezi itself. Years ago, that was a game change! Then you monetized it, and I accepted that I would have to be a paying member to continue to use this product.

Creation of Prezi Next initially didn’t concern me. You guys wanted to promote your new product. Fine. The lack of transitional tools between the 2 programs? Odd choice, but as long as Classic was still working I felt relatively unaffected. There was no immediate need to FORCE the Classic users to move to Next.

At the end of 2020, Google Chrome will no longer support Adobe Flash, which Classic needs in order to function, edit, etc.
For community members reading this, Classic will eventually not work.
Now I am being forced to stop using Classic, because Flash is outdated. FINE! That’s not Prezi’s fault. HOWEVER, why would you create your next product which is preparing for the future of online presentation,s WITHOUT TAKING CARE OF YOUR CLASSIC COMMUNITY!
As more and more Classic users learn that Flash is no longer going to be supported across all platforms, they are going to realize that there is no way to save their YEARS of content created on Classic.
Please please please find a way to help the thousands of Prezi classic users, many of whom have used your product from the very start, and have been a huge advocate for Prezi. I want to continue to use Prezi. I like your product. I want to continue to pay for this service. But if there is no realistic way to move Classic to Next, give me a reason why I shouldn’t go to the free Google Slides option?

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