Import Prezi Classic presentations into Prezi Next

Thank for your explain, but my content has videos. I think that the Prezi Corporation will solve this problem. I hope. Thanks.

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Dear Prezi Classic (and Next) Users,

As our President, Jim wrote in a blogpost shared here earlier, our teams are working hard on enabling you to convert your Classic presentations to Next. We are proceeding well with introducing the critical missing features in Next that are needed to allow you to bring over your content from our previous product. And so we have arrived now to the phase of putting together an Alpha testing group. This group would get early access to the migration features, could try it out and provide us valuable feedback on how it performs, what issues still need to be fixed. Public release will only happen after we fixed the critical issues that came up during this test period.

We’d really appreciate if you could sign up for this test group via this form as your feedback would mean a lot to us.

Please be aware that making the feature available for the test group and starting the test is still a few weeks ahead of us, so this is just the tester recruitment period. I ask for your kind patience here for a little longer.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in finalising the Classic to Next migration project. We cannot succeed without your experience and help.



It’s just too late. I wonder why you released Prezi Video before you fixed this problem. At conferences younger admins don’t know Prezi at all because they see thousands of Powerpoint presentations and not even one in Prezi. That was different a few years ago. No professional speaker I know uses Prezi anymore, and for good reason. Try harder to plan better, code faster and communicate reliably.

Again, I just installed Next and what a disappointment. It’s a shame that you went forward with innovations while putting aside consolidating your community!

Hi @chenli_xie,

Thanks for giving it a try, but as I wrote above, not all Classic-related features (like the new sidebar) are available yet in Next for the public.
In case you would like to get early access, please sign up for our alpha testing that starts in a couple of weeks.



How can I convert a Classic Prezi into a Next Prezi? Thxs!

Hello @James_Rocco, I merged your post with the relevant thread. I would recommend you to check Zsuzsa’s reply above :slight_smile:

Hi everyone - with Adobe no longer supporting Flash after the end of 2020, is it possible to convert the prezi classic content into prezi next? Any suggestions?

Hi @drewclancy, I merged your post with the relevant thread, I would recommend you to check this reply. There you can sign up for a test group in which you can get early access to the migration feature.

FAQs note that there will be a way to edit Prezi Classic creations in Prezi Next after Flash is gone later this year. Will that happen automatically? I’m afraid that I will miss some notice to do it manually and then everything will be deleted.

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Hi there,

The Classic to Next migration process is still not finalized, we are still discussing options here. But for sure there won’t be a deadline until you must do something. Most probably there will be a deadline until you can still use the Classic editor, and after that point all prezis will be edited in the Next editor. But as some of our loyal users have hundreds of presentations, we clearly don’t want to make you all migrate your content one by one, and specially not with a deadline.
So we will do everything to make sure any time in the future you will have access to edit your existing content with the new Prezi editor.



Is there a way to convert all of my Classic presentations to Next?

Hello @Rob_Berg, I merged your question into the relevant thread. Please read this reply. We at Prezi are creating a process so you can easily open and edit your Classic presentations within the Flash-free Prezi Next editor.

Let me know if this was helpful. :smile:


I really don’t want to recreate my classic in video…is there a fast way to do it?

Hello @Jill_Ellern, I’ve merged your question into the relevant thread. Unfortunately, you cannot convert a Prezi Classic into Prezi Video, kindly read this reply. There is an Alpha testing going on, soon it will be possible to convert Classic into Next, and then you’ll be able to convert it into Video!

Let me know if I can help you with something else.

I still cannot covert the Classic into Video. Is there any update?

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I want the same! If there’s any update on this that would be great - such a pity to have created all this work and now be completely unable to use it - with no expected date

Hi @Deirdre_Flynn, and @Nan_Cen, thanks for reaching out.
The conversion feature is coming in the near future. Until then I would advise you to open a ticket with our Support team and send the links to the 5 most important Classic presentation you would like to have converted over Next so you can use it with Prezi Video.

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Hola @Bart!!! mi equipo de trabajo también esta interesado en esta funcionalidad, ¿cómo es el proceso para abrir el ticket? Ingresé a la pagina de enlace pero no identifico esa opción. ¡Mil gracias!

Hola @G_Global_Logistics_I, abrí un ticket de soporte para ti, deberías recibir un correo electrónico sobre esto. :slight_smile: