Import Prezi Classic presentations into Prezi Next

This is good news. Too bad it is too late for us. After waiting for 2 years and basically no info about Prezi’s progress, and the lack of communication on this matter, we are being forced to move on due to what we cannot do with Next and the lack of ability to work with conference groups who will not work with Prezi presentation. IF we see that it is worth it for us to return, we may, but it is very sad that this progress was not shared until now . . . :frowning:


@sebcachia I can’t see the text of your Prezi in either Firefox or Chromium, just the template. Anyone else having this problem? My subscription is about to renew and I really want to have an answer to whether I can use Prezi Next for all my old Prezi Classic presentations before I drop another $60…!

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I’m the biggest hackathon organizer at Latin America, with over 80 hackathons organized worldwide and more than 550 other events (meetups, conferences, etc), I still recommend they to build their pitch with Prezi and I really am starting to question myself why I’m doing this? Why I made more than 900 new customers to experience a platform that don’t care at all about their users? When I say the phrase: “Build you business elevator pitch on Prezi platform.” I feel that I’m fooling those people and I feel shame for bringing they to the same trap that I fell.

I don’t know why, but I’m still waiting and believing that Prezi’s team will make a migration from Classic to Next, I simply can’t believe that the developers are so junior that they can’t realize how to do that, if you could migrate Classic from Flash to HTML5, you’ve found a way to compose the HTML5 tags and the objects from the original Flash Prezi Classic, you did this, its very obvious that you can do the Classic to Next migration, what makes me conclude that you’re trying to earn double money for the same product (yes! Classic and Next ARE the same product, no matter what you stand, there is no reason and no differentiation that justifies paying for both, both have the same features and same purpose, its the same as Microsoft making me pay for Office 365 and Office 2013 for enabling me to access the powerpoints made with Powerpoint 2013).
When you will solve this? Give us the roadmap!


We agree with you. TWO years and it is STILL ONLY under discussion. . . .

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First post on this forum :slight_smile:

I think prezi next shows alot of potential if Prezi Next gets updated to do the following: 1: Make an easy way to organize the use of infinite zoom and 2: Autostart videos without the “play symbol” and full screen. (Running videos in the background with text in the front is a beautiful feature. I think the infinite zoom feature is perhaps the most important feature that got people to use classic in the first place so if Prezi enables us to migrate the old prezis to the new platform many would be totaly a-ok.

I am getting fairly nervous that there never will be a good solution to transfer presentations from classic to next before flash support expires. I have fairly complex presentations with alot of videos and edited graphics and used hours and hours on this. Due to a catastrophic crash on my private PC, all these images are now lost and only exist in the prezi universe.

So my question is: Is there a free way to extract all these images from my old presentation (without using a snippet tool) to my computer in order to manually recreate my presentations in Next? I don’t have a desktop editor and use my presentations so seldom (but at important occasions ) that atm I’m reluctant to pay for for prezi desktop. If I get the editor, wil this enable me to extract the pictures?


I seem to remember the following (not 100% sure, though):
If you download the prezi (not the pdf, but the prezi for offline use), there is also a folder with the images.


Yes. I’ve also read that it’s possible to download the file and rename it as a *.zip, and from there unpack the elements. My issue is paying north of $250 just for downloading my own pictures. In the past the desktop version was free, not so much any more… at the same time there could be a trial period.


well you only need a pro of the classic, not next
and if there’s no option for you,
you can share it with me, i’m happy to download it for you and wetransfer you the folder of content

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Thank you so much. I’ll wait with the pro, just because I don’t think I will use Next, as it doesn’t include the features I want from Classic. I thought the pro-plan includes both next and classic?

If it’s ok, I’ll keep you offer in the back of my head and see what happens with Next, I’ll look more into using the trial version to download my files just to be sure.


Hi @Fernando_Rych_Rychle,

We gave all Classic users access to Next, at the same tier as they had in Classic (paying Classic users got the equivalent package within Next at no extra cost), and we stopped selling Classic, which I think makes it clear that this is not a way to earn double money.

Unfortunately, completing not only content compatibility, but also the in-product functionality to facilitate Classic like creation is more complex than we would wish which is why this has taken so long. The content is not comprised of HTML5 tags, but is actually rendered through sophisticated Javascript together with WebGL. In some cases, we actually had to wait for technologies which barely existed when we started working on Next to mature sufficiently.

Of course the above is not your problem, I only shared as you seemed interested in the technology. Your main concern is your content. On this front, as I have mentioned in different places on these forums:

  1. We have already ensured content can be viewed/presented indefinitely through our switch to a WebGL player for Classic.
  2. We maintain Classic for all Classic users for as long as possible to ensure you are not cut off from being able to edit it.
  3. We are investing in finding ways to edit and reuse Classic presentations, further up in the thread I shared a Classic presentation I imported as a test (note @Pat_Huey there is no text as placeholder text does not show up in present mode, I imported the template without any custom text).
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Buongiorno, vorrei sapere se è possibile passare una presentazione fatta con Prezi Classic su Prezi Next per aggiungere e modificare alcuni contenuti. grazie

Buongiorno @Tiziana_Cristofari, ho unito il tuo post con l’argomento pertinente. Al momento non è possibile migrare le presentazioni di Prezi Classic a Next, inoltre ti consiglio di controllare la discussione sopra :slight_smile:

what’s the update on this feature? i just upgraded to Next to find out that you can’t use OR copy my existing presentations.

come on. this is feeling scammy.

this is easy stuff to fix and add value. and i need it now. come on.


Three years and still waiting. . . .


Hi @Kevin_Settle, copying your existing presentations and/or collaborating is possible both in Classic and Next.

Here is how to do this:

  1. Log in to the old account
  2. Invite the new account as a collaborator on the presentation.
  3. Log in to the new account and make a copy of the shared presentation.

We understand the frustration regarding the import feature. Please know that we always read your comments and that hearing from you is important to us. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on unannounced features nor what is under potential future development, but we will update this post with any news we get from our Product Team.

For more details, please check one of our Product manager’s @sebcachia’s answer above :slight_smile:

Although I have never posted, I have been monitoring this thread for years, too, continuing to stay abreast of current developments on these issues. (I know there are many others who do the same.) Like Christopher and other educators, I am a U.S. history professor and my career is dependent on my Prezi Classics. I have spent many, many years – and many, many hundreds of hours – developing lectures based on my Prezi Classics that are essential to my classroom teaching and my research. I have been using (and paying for) Prezi for almost a decade, and I have hooked countless people onto this amazing platform. I have been a personal “fan” of Prezi and, of course, a professional user, for years and I can not speak highly enough about the way in which Prezi has boosted my career and changed the dynamics of countless presentations.

When this first issue came up and Prezi Next was introduced, I was not too worried because I figured that Prezi has to make sure our previous presentations – for some of us, over a decade worth of work – would be able to be edited and used in the future. It would be truly unfathomable to think otherwise for me and for tens of millions of others. The issue is not Prezi Next, per se. For me, it does not (yet) give me the functionality I need: it’s clearly geared more towards business and not creatives or academics. It’s very disappointing, to be sure. Still, as a loyal customer, I will happily try it in the future as new features develop. I understand that the discontinuing status of Flash is a problem and Prezi had to move forward as technologies change. They had to make a business decision and I respect that, even if I disagree with the direction and disappoints users like me. There are other options out there for Prezi Classic-type platforms that I hope to pursue instead.

However, Prezi Next is absolutely besides the point here – a point that so many others have belabored in this thread. It’s been a few years and my faith is starting to waver in Prezi: to think that I would no longer be able to use or edit (viewing is good, but not sufficient) is truly frightening. I would pay a high fee to continue editing my Prezi Classics, in some capacity, in the years to come. Regardless, I know this has been stated here time and time again, but felt the need to add my agreement with so many others. Again, I understand the challenges in technology, but that doesn’t change the key fundamental fact that Prezi has to find a way to do one of two things:

  1. Be able to import Prezi Classic presentations into Prezi Next with the same or nearly the same functionality (even understanding that nothing can be perfect in terms of features, but close); or

  2. Be able to edit Prezi Classic presentations once Flash is fully discontinued, either through WebGL or some other technology.

The alternative of not doing either is extremely worrisome and, yes, as others have said, would be “a slap in the face” to millions of loyal customers (albeit an understatement for sure). All I ask is for you, Prezi staff, to please keep us updated on the progress on both or at least one of these workarounds. The livelihood of so many loyal customers is at stake if we are unable to continuing using our Prezi Classic presentations in the future. Thank you.


Thank you for this response. The Classic “test” Prezi previously in the thread is promising and does give me some hope. As I posted just a few moments ago, please do keep us updated the best that you can.

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I would like to second this well written statement. As an educator at one of Germany’s excellence universities I use Prezi for at least 8 years and have hundreds of Prezi presentations for lectures, conference presentations, public outreach and more. Many of these Prezis are constantly being updated since I need to fill in new research results into my lecture slides and I use previous presentations as templates for new ones.

I love the simplicity and in particular the “way of thinking” that is supported by the one-canvas concept of Prezi Classic. This really helps to structure a talk hierarchically, from important to minor, or from the main idea to the detailed solutions.

From my point of view it is not important to have all my presentations in Prezi Next. It is important to preserve the ability to create. Whether this is by exchanging the Flash engine by something else that supports a similar functionality of whether this is by a conversion tool for Next is not important.

Please, Prezi folks, look at the problem from a user’s point of view, and not from a technical perspective! That may help to save a lot of money on your side, and a lot of frustration at your customer’s side. And please provide us with a solution that works before the EOL of Flash.


With Adobe Flash going away and being blocked in my school district I can no longer edit my old Classic Prezi items on campus but I can use Prezi Next - to save myself time (and massive headaches) is there a trick to convert my old items easily or will I have to re-create them all over again?


Hello @T.J_W.S, I merged your post with the relevant thread. As Adobe is planning to discontinue development and support of its Adobe Flash technologies at the end of 2020, we are no longer actively developing nor providing new features for Prezi Classic. However, you can still continue to create Classic presentations within Classic.

If you want to take content from your Prezi Classic presentation and use it within Prezi Next, you can export the presentation content as a PDF and then insert the PDF or screenshot part of the Classic presentation and insert as an image into Prezi Next.

We are actively exploring ways to make it easier to bring Classic content into Next, but we don’t have a specific timeline or solution to share.