Import Prezi Classic presentations into Prezi Next

Hello @Joern_B, please check my reply above :slight_smile:

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Sorry to say, unless they came up with someone in the last few weeks and have not announced it yet, there is no way to convert, we have been trying and you will have to start all over again and by that you will discover more and more ways that Next is inferior to Classic. Next has some cool new features, but they fall far from the overall functionality of Classic. The workaround that Catarina is time consuming and the PDF can not be altered and is not as easy as it is stated. We have tried this and it looks TERRIBLE! Hate to always be more negative than positive but this request of converting from Classic to Next has all but been ignored by the Prezi team since Next was introduced in 2017ish. . . . We are frustrated along with other Classic users who are unable to easily migrate the THOUSANDS of hours of work in Classic and now will have to do it all over again with Next. . .


I’m curious. In what way next is inferior to classic? Can you give me examples, so that while we are working on the classic to next solution we don’t forget some important aspect?

I can do anything in next that I could do in classic. (With some small exceptions like swf backgrounds are not supported in next today, there is no background sound.) But in general next has the same zoomable canvas and nobody is forced to use topics if he doesn’t want them. There are zoom areas in next which can be added to the path. This brings back the same flat canvas feeling that we have in classic.

I know that next is emphasizing the use of the rigid structure and the classic behaviour is somewhat hidden now, but it is still there, and when I create prezis I use both worlds.

We can improve the discoverability of the classic features. We will certainly work on the left sidebar to make it easier to use (dont zoom out to the overview, i hear you). We will also combine the animation editing on the right with the left sidebar.

But I’d really like to know why do you think next is inferior.

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Is there any possibility to recover Classic presentations within NEXT?

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Hi @ALMIS_I.F, at this time, we do not offer a native import to convert your Prezi Next presentations to Prezi Classic. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry my english is not clear. I wanted to do the oposite, I mean to convert from Classic to Next

Hi @ALMIS_I.F, I merged your question to the relevant thread. It is not possible at the moment to import Classic to Next, but as Catarina said above:

We are actively exploring ways to make it easier to bring Classic content into Next, but we don’t have a specific timeline or solution to share.

David, so you would like to know our view of the shortcomings of Next, but then as I read your post started to wonder if you have either not read all of the threads filled with those shortcomings that have not been addressed in two years or have not been paying attention to your customers’ feedback and requests for the past two years. This is not meant to be harsh, but I am baffled about your post. For two years the same issues have been brought up by multiple users and yet the general responses have been:
“Sorry Next does not do this at this time, but we will send it to our development team” or “we have forwarded this feedback to our developers however we do not have any updates on the issue at the moment. Once we receive any information from them we will notify you.”

For TWO years the following have been “under discussion” and yet there has been NO communication on where the customer stands while we have been paying to use a program that is no longer being supported. You can look it up, when I have asked about these I have been told that I can always still use Classic. So why pay to use it?

Topic to Subtopic to Topic to Subtopic
Classic presentations merging into Prezi Next
Animated GIFs
Stop zooming out to the ‘overview’ page
Path tool (not the current workaround using subtopics, but a real path tool that was so easy to use in Classic)

These few things made Prezi what it was. Now, with Next, if you don’t “comply” you do use. It is sad that Prezi has lost its creative edge. I have personally been using Prezi since 2010ish and I can tell you that Next does NOT have the “general zoomable canvas”. By using subtopic to subtopic, it has been difficult to see an easy path tool as was in Classic. You say you can add things to make it “feel” like classic, but the process takes longer and does not look as good in many cases.
I agree that it would be good to have better discoverability of Classic features in the lefthand sidebar because we do not see most of what caused us to join Prezi in the first place.

I have tried to “convert” some of my Classic Prezis by redoing them in Next and all of them have been rejected by my bosses due to the way they looked and functioned. Your post said that there still is no My bosses have been waiting since 2017 for a solution. Well, they are done waiting. . . .

You can say what you want, but the bottom line is when you lose the confidence of the customer, you have lost your customer. . . This is a major reason for us as to why Next is inferior. We can count on if we can do in Next, what we did in Classic as easily and as quickly. So far, we have not.

To end this, I do thank you for actually asking. You are one of the first Prezi people who have actually gotten on this forum and asked for someone’s opinion, even if it was in a defense of Next. :slight_smile:

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Hey, I’m just a random programmer, but I’d like to help. So what you say is basically you need better path navigation tools, animations (gif) and a way to convert classic to next.

I thought we didn’t have animated gifs in classic. Aren’t those animated swfs instead?
This part is missing in next you are correct.

About the path. The thing is that if you dont use the topics at all, just lay out a bunch of objects, create groups from them, you are back to the old canvas. Now you can add zoom areas with the animation sidebar and you can get the old behavior.

If you do it this way You have to live with a much worse UX than in classic, because next puts the emphasis on the topics and the whole thing is thought out to work that way.

it’s an unavoidable fact that we need to solve the classic to next conversion before flash dies. Nobody wants to lose it’s userbase, right? I’m of course not allowed to talk about roadmaps and timelines, but you have seen a screenshot from a tool that convert classic prezis to next and they work the same way as before.

It’s has missing features, but those will be addressed and we will release it when it’s good enough.

I asked my question because I wanted to know if there is something fundamentally different in next that makes it inferior to you.

What i hear is that you need some stuff better exposed, plus a way to make the ‘monkey dance’ ie anim gifs/swfs. Agree? Anything else?


Can a presentation made in Prezi Classic be copied into Prezi Next, and will this eliminate the Flash Player issue?

Hello @Elizabeth_Tomlin, I’ve merged your post into the relevant thread. It is not possible to transfer presentations from Prezi Classic to Prezi Next unfortunately, as they are different products built on different technologies. I apologize for any inconvenience.

OK. Does Prezi next eliminate the Flash player issue?

Hello @Elizabeth_Tomlin, yes, you can use Prezi Next without Flash. You can also enable Flash in Chrome here in case you’re using Prezi Classic.

Thank you for your response. You are the first person beyond the forum monitors and “trouble shooters” from Prezi in over two years who have actually taken time to try to understand, from a programming view what some of the issues are. Had this happened a year ago, Prezi may have kept the numerous customers who have now left. This is very sad to see after being a loyal customer for over 10 years.

Better navigation path tools, animations, and conversion from Classic are three of the features that are needed. You are correct, I do believe it was swfs, but animated gifs would be much easier to use and even find for the average user. It needs to be added as the thread indicates.

The zooming in the animation is okay, but the way it works is awkward and does not flow as easily as it did in classic. This is an adjustment that can be made, but the learning curve especially when it was not clearly introduced. For too long we were unable to do this and then when it was possible, it was not announced very well and we continued to waste time until we “found” the new ability. Just tossing it into the forum was not good since not all customers access the forum.

Next is so rigid in using that compared to Classic, it is inferior to us in creativity. It seems to us after using it, that Next is mainly made for sales and kiosk use, but you have a large number of customers who are trainers, instructors and teachers who do NOT need nor use the “zoom out to overview”. To a creative presentation creator, topics should be function in a similar manner to subtopics and have an option to zoom out to the overview, not make it a default. Prezi has stated that audiences love this and has put some found scientific research around it, but in practical application, we have found that it breaks up training flow and going back to the overview between topics is actually a distraction (we have been told this from trainees). I am aware that we can just use subtopics, but the difficulty of not being able to use the subtopic path as easy as it was in Classic has both wasted time and if there are now hidden features that we have not found, that really does not help. Prezi needs to reveal these tools in the left sidebar as well as the animation better! Having all of this in two spots is a bit of a learning curve, but if well discoverable, would be better.

Along with all of this, not making the overview background photo nice and sharp when zooming in is a major setback in Next. This is a very big issue for us since we use many photo backgrounds and it looks unprofessional to have photo pixelate when zoomed in. We were able to have sharp photoed backgrounds (with minimal distortion) in Classic and for two years we have not been able to do the same with the same photos in Next (example of inferior).

Many presenters have needed the more screen options than 16:9 for presentations, but it sounds like Next is incapable of doing this (inferior) and this is bad for many teachers who do not have 16:9 projectors.

The lack of migration from Classic to Next should have been figured out before Next was revealed, or at least a solution should have been given in the first year. (The silence of what is happening in this feature while charging a subscription fee to those of us who are still using Classic due to Next’s shortcomings is troubling. I know this is not for you, but to be charged for not using one program to have access to another program is not a good business practice.)

I have been in the presentation field for years using multiple presentation programs and I have yet come across an “upgrade” to an established program that completely changes the way you have to think when putting a presentation together as well as losing so many basic features and not creating a migration path from one version to another, until Prezi Next. In all of this, the secrecy of what is coming and the lack of response beyond "Sorry . . . . " for over two years has caused our company to lose confidence in Prezi’s value of “Because together we are greater than the sum of our parts, we build our team on the foundations of trust and transparency.” Maybe customers are not part of the “team” and that is okay, but then why promote this value of trust and transparency when it is not extended to your customers. We have lost trust in Prezi due to the lack of transparency in all these issues (this is not pointed toward you, but to your supervisors). Any upgrade that causes multiple customers to have waste multiple hours of time to figure out “workarounds” for functions that the previous version had does make the upgrade inferior for the long time customer who are not a 3rd party trainers (of Prezi) or 3rd party companies that use Prezi to create templates as a business. We are not one of those nor are many of your customers and if you look at all of the situations stated in all of the threads, the “upgrade” issues are coming from those of us who’s full time jobs are NOT working with Prezi exclusively as business, rather we are using Prezi to enhance our business.

It is understandable that you love Next and I may have loved Next had Classic not had the features that we needed and used for so many years and Prezi promoted Next as an “upgrade” rather than a replacement that did not function nor had the same features as Classic. This has left faithful customers with literary thousands of Classic presentations that we can no longer use after next year and we now have to recreate WHOLE presentations over rather than update and change information.

Two plus years of no Classic to Next migration and wasting of time with long and tedious “workarounds” has caused us to look at other programs even if they may not look as “cool” as Prezi once did, it has caused us to become more creative in how we created presentations. Thank you for this. Unfortunately, due to this one major issue, Prezi has not only lost many customers, but they may have also lost many future customers through word of mouth advertising.

I am aware that some of what I have outlined is beyond your sphere of influence and job, but you are the only one that has really reached out, so you got the whole thing. :slight_smile:

Again, I thank you for reaching out to find out from the customer as to their experience with Prezi Next. I know some like it, especially new customers who have not comparison, and if the migration and other issues covered in this response were addressed in a timely manner, I think we could come to like it too, but as of now, my boss has suspended all use of Prezi for our company. :frowning:


Thanks for this long answer. I cannot comment on the timing issue, and you are right that some of the problems are not my territory. I’m sorry to hear that you are not allowed to use Prezi anymore. Let’s hope we can change this in the future.

I’m not a product guy or anything. I work here as a programmer. So don’t expect that I know everything. It’s not even my job to come here and answer questions. But I decided to do it because… what can go wrong. We can learn from each other. Ok?

What was new to me from your last post is the aspect ratio. I agree that there are many people with 4:3 aspect projectors. Thanks for the tip.

We recently made a change to image upload and now we enable high resolution backgrounds which should not get pixelated. (Unless you do a super deep zoom.) So this has been resolved to some extent. Note that you are still able to upload high resolution images (image objects) though. This change is for backgrounds only.

I also have to admit that we can and should improve path editing. Even with the somewhat complicated way that we have in classic, people seem to like that one better than Next’s.

I have seen may good presentations in Next that managed to combine the navigation of the two worlds, so it’s definitely doable, but I understand that it’s more complicated today and you feel that you are losing your freedom.

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Thank you for jumping in to try to understand the issues from customers themselves and not just through a forwarded memo from your forum moderators. I have not been using Next lately, so I am happy to hear that the resolution problem has been addressed. I will check it out.

I was going through my list of things that needed to be addressed the the aspect ratio came up so I decided to let you know. :slight_smile: Thanks for looking into it! I know many teachers and instructors who do not have 16:9 projectors will thank you if you could fix this.

I will toss one more in for you! :slight_smile: Not being able to create and edit on a tablet or iPad is a deal breaker for MANY presentation creators. Everything is now being created on apps now and it is interesting that it is in the “not planned” category in the forum. Prezi will lose a HUGE audience in the near future with all of the new apps being created everyday for presentations. Just an observation from a user perspective. :slight_smile: Even for me, I have had to through something together for a last minute meeting and only had my iPad, I have been been able to put something creative and good looking in PowerPoint mobile app and wow those in the meeting. Prezi needs to seriously consider this too!

If the path tool feature was smoother, better explained , takes less time to put together and a bit more intuitive way to put the elements of the path together, you just may win Classic users over. Next is so clunky and has too many workarounds to make it work as smoothly as Classic did. You are right the Classic path could get a bit complicated at times, but it was very intuitive and was fairly easy to figure out even if you never went to the support page. You are also correct that for Classic users, even with that complexity, it is MUCH more preferred over the path of Next. :slight_smile:

The freedom of creativity is not the only loss for us. It is also the increased production time by having to navigate through Next and Classic elements when building a presentation in Next. Should you figure out how to merge the two well along with figuring out how to merge older Classic presentations into Next, I may be able to talk my boss back into Prezi. He really loved it along with our trainers and customers until the rollout of Next. Please help me get us back to Prezi. :slight_smile:

I am no programmer, and am dealing with the same issues everyone else is here (I have a ton of presentations in Classic and would like them in Next) but if we can import from PowerPoint into Next why don’t you create a way to create a PowerPoint from Prezi Classic? Then we can simply import from PowerPoint to Next.

Interesting idea. Can you use the PP import at an element though or is it just an static image that you can do nothing with??

Hi David - thanks for offering some clarification. 4 points…

  1. Firstly, I’m a long time user and fan of Prezi. Recent developments, however, have me wondering about investing further in this platform.

  2. David, you are a programmer and I thank you for stepping into the arena to engage with our concerns. The really worrying thing is, why isn’t the product manager doing this at a more active and empathetic level? Deliberately or not, this communicates a troubling lack of care and professionalism for these particular needs raised by your customers ie: those who are keeping this company afloat.
    Long time customers, like those who use Prezi Classic, have helped bank roll Prezi to where it is now. We are concerned that the company seems to have little regard for our loyalty in terms of funding and promoting it. This, along with the thousands of man-hours invested into Prezi classic presentations by your early adopters are ignored at your company’s peril.

  3. I have tried to use Prezi Next (many times) and here’s my impression: Emphasising a different presentation philosophy with Next is fine. Hiding/abandoning altogether the creative flexibility which attracted your long time customers is not. I would strongly suggest that you offer the ability to switch to a “classic” UX so that a “classical workflow” can be used.
    Why not have the strengths of both approaches available?

  4. The end of flash is nigh. The ability to reliably import Classic into Next is crucial to maintaining customer loyalty. To not do so in the face of being able to import Power Point presentations tells your long time customers they do not matter (but Microsoft customers do).
    As a company, is that what you really want to say?

I would have much preferred not to outline the above but they are the reality of the situation for a platform I have used with much effect and dare I say, enjoyment. It is because of this I hope you will address these issues as I would very much want to continue using Prezi.

Thanks for your consideration and in advanced for any thoughts (and solutions?) from anyone in Prezi.


Just to follow up and keep this important thread up-to-date: I echo Kevin’s excellent and timely points – and I agree wholeheartedly. It is disconcerting, to say the least, and I am, frankly, a bit surprised that after all these years since Prezi Next has been available, these issues have not been addressed. I also understand that if Prezi wanted to go in a different direction, then that’s fine, but then discontinuing – and abandoning (and that’s putting it kindly) – all that Prezi was without any way for users to continue to use their thousands of hours worth of work and getting rid of the interface completely that users have been paying for Prezi for all this years is mind-boggling.

It’s hard for me to write this, too, as I have loved and promoted Prezi endlessly the last decade – and perhaps it is because of that loyalty that I told myself not to worry because all of this would get worked out. I hope this faith that myself and so many others have put into Prezi is not misplaced.

I’d be happy to continue helping in any way to find a solution. Thanks to all for your help in advance. Please keep us updated.