Import Prezi Classic presentations into Prezi Present

Is there a way to insert an existing presentation developed in Prezi Classic into Presi Next? It seems redundant to have to start from scratch in re-creating an existing presentation developed on one platform over the other. Thank you!


Prezi Classic and Prezi Next are two different products built on different technologies. We built Prezi Next on the latest HTML technologies.

While you can not migrate content from Prezi Classic to Prezi Next, you can continue to edit your Prezi Classic presentations. You can also share your Classic content with Next users.


This is a pretty poor boilerplate response. Many power Prezi users have invested many years in developing suites of presentations which as bert_lynn says are now redundant. I have nearly 150 presentations. It is a great pity to discover that not only is there no thought-through migration process (as you would find in any sensible product development route) but there is no easy way even of accessing the images stored in Prezi Classic media folders to import collateral into Prezi next. So I have basically wasted 4 years’ investment in Prezi with presentations that are no longer accessible in the company’s new product. Dual platforms are no substitute for a smooth transition. It’s paradoxical that Prezi Next can import Powerpoint slides, but cannot import Prezi Classic!

What makes this doubly concerning is that it is clear that Prezi Next is the long term bet for the business and at some point the company will discontinue support for Prezi Classic.


I have to agree with both Jonathon and Bert. It seems a little ridiculous that we aren’t able to import our prezi classic presentations into prezi next. Is there some other way to circumvent the superfluous task of recreating each slide in prezi next? Is it possible to copy all content and paste it into a new blank presentation?

To be honest, this would prevent me from using prezi next as I see no value in making the change if prezi isn’t going to help facilitate that change.


What a poor response.

Powerpoint is built using different technologies and yet we can import from that.

If you want to move us to a new platform you really should make it easy for us.

I’ve got a dozen presentations that I regularly give built on Prezi Classic and there’s no way I’m going to recreate them in Prezi Next. And it’s inconvenient to expect us to use two different products and remember which features are available/unavailable in each product.

I’ll just continue with Classic.

(EDIT - What I meant to start with was, “It’s great that Prezi Next has been created, because Prezi (Classic) has been pretty stagnant for a long long time, but…”)


Prezi next seems interesting but how bad is that: Not to be able to import from Prezi Classic to Next. Thats a no-go. Dear Prezi-people, this should have been you first concern and now thats in the open you should work very hard on an import or a migration. Import from PPP but not Classic? Unbelievable!
I dont want to have both on my Computers. therefore I won’t use Prezi Next until an import is possible.


Couldn’t agree more. Here is the ‘standard’ response I have received from the Prezi support team. Note the ‘currently’.

"Thank you for contacting us and for the feedback.

Currently, what you’re trying to do is not available in Prezi. I apologize for any inconvenience.

We are always trying to develop and improve Prezi, so feedback like yours is always welcome. I have passed on your request to our development team.

Until then you will have to recreate the prezis created with the Classic plan in the Next platform."

… and here’s my reply:

"Dear Claudia

I’m afraid that this response is simply not acceptable.

Are you telling me that the development team didn’t anticipate this problem and are only now being told about it? Or is this just another ‘standard’ email response?

Either explanation reveals a lack of customer orientation by the Prezi team! I am paying you for a service that has now significantly reduced in value to me.

Best wishes

– Jonathan"


I have 249 Classic presentations and now 49 Next. Agreed it’s frustrating and I’ve reached out to Support for help in this matter as well. Hoping for a change in the near future since it seems to be a common request. Lots of updates have been happening lately!!


This is just unacceptable. Not being able to import my existingPrezis into the new platform.
Are you at Prezi trying commit suicide, this looks like when United where dragging the passenger out of his paid seat.

PREZI you can do better than this!!!


This should be a top priority. As a teacher, I use my existing Prezis multiple times, and will not be using Prezi Next until I am able import my existing ones over. Which then makes all the new features of Prezi Next irrelevant to me. sigh.


I also have numerous Prezis that would require weeks to rebuild frame by frame. Please help us with a path to migrate our Classic Prezis to the Next platform!


I am VERY disappointed in Prezi Next and not being able to import Classic to Next. Why get Next if I have to recreate ALL of my Classics? There is NO incentive for me to change, thus also the loss of $$ Prezi would have made with my upgrading my version. What I have loved about Prezi is the ability to be more creative that other competitors. Next just does not allow this to happen. I really like a few of the elements of Next, but I will NOT be upgrading at all because Next is NOT what Prezi has been. I was so excited about this, but yesterday as I was trying to recreate just one of my Classic Prezis, I found the Next to be clunky and it will not do what Classic can and yet it has features that I really was hoping an update to Classic would have. Does this now mean that Classic will NOT be upgraded? As technology grows, will Classic be left in the dust? If this is the case, I just may have to consider other options. I am so sad about this. I REALLY like Prezi! :frowning: I hope the Prezi team will look at these comments and make an upgrade or changes that allow Classic users to upgrade and use Next as easily as we do with Classic. You would make $$ through upgrades alone and keep customers who I know are now looking at other presentation options.


I’m not sure what you mean by “share your Classic content with Next users.”

i must say i have to throw my support behind all of the users up here before me, i don’t have very many Prezi made, but the ones i have i use for class as a semester long presentation… they are HUGE i am talking 190 slides …maybe that is my fault for making it that long …but there is sure no way in H that i am going to re-created it in Next …what a shame.
also i too would like a clarification as to the “share your Classic content with Next users.”


Una mala decision tecnologica, aparenta bien el Next pero no sirve sino puedo importar plantillas, y demas material del Classic

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Hi Vanda,
I love using Prezi but be sure that like many many users, I’ll never use Prezi Next until we can’t import classic presentation to this new platform. sorry. this incompatibility is just unacceptable.
kindest regards


I’m very sad also, that there is no import Prezi Classic presentations into Prezi Next :cry:


I have to add my vote to this list. I am really surprised by a product roll out that leaves ALL early adopters’ content behind. We are the people that supported Prezi in the early days.

Having to recreate our Prezi Classic content because Prezi could not allocate a small team to create an export capability, possibly delaying Next roll out, seems like bad planning and terrible implementation. A 100 new templates will not compensate for having to redo our historical content.


I also agree that there needs to be a way to import prezi presentations into next prezi before being willing to make that switch. I also noticed that in Prezi Next it did not seem possible to start with a blank sheet and you had to choose a template. At least that was my first experience with it.


Thanks for the feedback everyone, we hear you and understand this situation might be difficult. We’ve offered the possibility for our existing customers to try Prezi Next as a way of rewarding everyone who has supported us over the past years. While it’s not possible to import Classic presentations into Prezi Next, you now have the chance to start creating your new presentations with a product that was designed with insight and feedback from Prezi’s 85 million users. We hope you’ll discover and make good use of the many great features it has to offer like presenter notes, commenting, analytics and smart structures.
We are continuing to support all Prezi Classic presentations. You can edit and present them as before. We even released a Flash-free WebGL player recently to make viewing and presenting them easier. You can also continue to collaborate on Classic presentations both with Classic and Next account holders.
So we hope you’ll give Prezi Next a try and maybe even use it going forward, without the need of throwing away your old ones.