Import Prezi Classic presentations into Prezi Present

You’ve got to be kidding me. I wrote an entire curriculum in Prezi, a year of work, and now that it’s not supported I can’t use it… What an insult to a loyal customer.

But oh, I can recreate a years work and tens of thousands of slides with thousands of pictures in your other program GEE THANKS. I CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING BETTER TO DO WITH A YEAR OF MY LIFE THAN RECREATE MY ALREADY FINISHED WORK.

At least there could be a copy and paste option… something, anything. Maybe it won’t be as simple as “import” but there must be SOMETHING. I understand there are significant technical limitations but there’s got to be some work-around for reduced migration difficulty. Otherwise you’ve essentially made my work into trash.

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But wait, there’s more. The pictures can’t be taken back out of prezi. Some of which I can’t find anymore. So I couldn’t even recreate my work if I tried. It keeps getting worse!

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Not ideal, but I went through it too! I’m not really answering your questions, but one idea that miiiight help lessen the impact is to go through your Classic presentations and screenshot the different frames you have set up. You save those as JPEG files and then you can create a new Next presentation and add your saved frames as images. This has definitely worked for me in a pinch, and gives me the time I need to determine which content can be used that way and which content should really be rebuilt in the new platform. In the meantime, Classic support isn’t being pulled, so as long as you keep your license, you could still be using your hard work for some time yet.

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Thousands of pictures.

I can’t believe there isn’t more Prezi could do if they tried. For example, where are the images stored? Is there a folder I could get access to? Obviously the resolution of a screen shot image isn’t going to be nearly that of the actual image.

That the company clearly doesn’t seem to care about the extreme inconvenience this poses for it’s users, it makes me highly skeptical that we would be shown any more consideration in the future when Prezi changes format again.

There IS a folder. I was given instructions at some point on how to attempt to retrieve but I don’t recall the process & I’ll be honest it was only partially successful for me. I did abandon the attempt and took on the task of obtaining new images instead. (I’m prob in a diff boat but I was sick of looking at some of my content anyway & while it took more time/energy, I think my presentations benefited from the refresh.)

@Vanda @Lana is there a place to go to get the instructions I’m thinking of? I forget who told me, but I seem to remember needing to go into the Prezi Classic app & downloading as a portable Prezi & then looking through a folder in that ZIP file?? Along those lines…

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@Plastic_Ingenuity yes, you’re right, if you download a portable presentation, you can choose to show all the contents the file includes, and that way you can access the images you inserted before.

@Cjay_R we understand your frustration but please note that we didn’t stop supporting Prezi Classic, you should still be able to edit and present your already existing presentations, and can even keep creating new ones. But you also have the ability to start using our new product, Prezi Next, which we constantly improve and to which we will regularly add new features in the upcoming months.

Vanda, what specifically does it mean that you have not stopped supporting Classic? There is NO support that we can find beyond non-updated posts. How is Prezi supporting us in the way it was when we signed up? We can no longer get chat support for Classic. MAJOR disappointment and in our view an integrity issue too. Now we have to PAY for it. Classic users should be able to have the same level of support with Classic as we did since we are spending the money. Yes, our frustration with Prezi continues and so far, no real answers to any of our questions in thread after thread. 2017 has been a year of us losing trust and hope in Prezi. What can we look forward to 2018?? We feel that our feedback is NOT being taken seriously and that loyal customers are no longer valued. YES, we have stated similar things in other threads, and it seems that Prezi ignores what it chooses to. :frowning: We as a company feel completely ignored by Prezi just because we do not need the “conversational” aspect and we NEED the features in a html5 format that were in the Classic (flash) version. ie Spell check! Who creates a presentation tool without spell check??

Supporting Prezi Classic means that we try our best to keep our old platform compatible with new challenges and enable all our users who have access to Prezi Classic to edit and present their presentations, even after Flash is no longer supported. We still monitor the feedback of our Prezi Classic users and report to the responsible team in case an issue arises.


Thank you for your response. I really really appreciate finding out how to access my images. This has saved me enormously. Please let the help desk staff know about this because I specifically asked and they didn’t give me this option.

Second- I will have to say “still supporting Prezi Classic” by leaving it running for now is nice- but we all know flash won’t be around for long- it was already a run around to get my browser to allow it just for one site.

Other companies have figured out how to use html5 to make an infinite zoom canvass that works just like Prezi Classic. I’m sorry Prezi doesn’t want to anymore. The new style templates are incredibly booring and limiting. Perhaps that they retain any movement at all is exciting for corporate drones but for the rest of us it’s just Prezi in handcuffs.


You could not have said it better! Thank you! We are still holding out and hoping that Prezi will figure out what other companies have and give us an AMAZING Prezi Next update before the end of the first quarter of 2018. . .

@Vanda Just a note to help rebuild lost trust of your loyal customers: Prezi must have a different definition of the word “support” it is not supporting Classic, it is maintaining the program. If there was support as it did before Next, there would be an easy way of asking questions and getting answers. That is fine for us since we have found the few answers that we have needed elsewhere (even though we have paid for Classic support with subscription, yeah, we are still baffled why we are paying for something we are no longer getting. . .), so it may be good if change your wording.

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If you have 85 million users - and each of those people has even a dozen Prezi Classic presentations that is an utterly enormous amount of content that will soon be redundant and inaccessible. I am a high school teacher. I have over 300 presentations. 300. I have spent over 6 years building my Prezis for my classroom and my various curricula and reuse and re-edit them every year to adapt as my curriculum shifts. You are essentially telling me that all that work will soon be obsolete and I need to start everything over from SCRATCH. If this is the case for all 85 million users I have an extremely difficult time believing that Prezi as a company is actually listening to users.

It is inconceivable to me that you did not develop a way to migrate content before releasing Prezi Next. I could care less about any improvements in Prezi Next if you do not provide me with a way to migrate my pre-existing content. If I am going to have to start all over I might as well find a different program/provider whose focus is actually on users and their experience. You want us to “give Prezi Next a try and maybe even use it going forward, without the need of throwing away your old ones.” We the users do not want to throw away anything but Prezi, by not developing content migration protocol, has forced users to do just that! We want to use our content, developed material and Prezis but you have made it basically impossible for users to do so without a massive reinvestment of time and energy to recreate all our content. I hate to give up Prezi because it has been such a useful tool in my classroom but this lack of content migration is ridiculous and shameful on the part of Prezi. If Prezi truly wants to compete with the likes of PP and other presentation software they MUST find a way to MIGRATE ALL THE CONTENT OF ALL 85 MILLION USERS. If not, you are blatantly telling your users and companies that you do not care one bit for all our hard work or the loyalty we have shown to your product. Period.


@Kathryn_Corona we understand that the lack of migrating possibility between our two products can be inconvenient. We would still like to emphasize that you shouldn’t face any problems with editing your already existing Prezi Classic presentations, update and present them if you wish. At the same time we would like to ask you to give Prezi Next a try in your future presentations, hopefully, you will enjoy the features that are implemented (and are yet to be implemented) in our new product.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, we have no intention to stop supporting Prezi Classic and we will do our best to provide Flash-free editing in Prezi Classic by the time Adobe stops supporting Flash.

The problem with the NEW way of Prezi structured and even performs is that it does not work nor function the way that your loyal customers came on with Prezi in the first place. You are continuing to leave out those who do not need nor care Sales or Analytics or even smart structures. The limitations of Next FAR outnumber the “benefits” of Next. It is sad that you as a company is trying to force creatives to be less creative. :frowning:

We DO appreciate the fact that we can still use Classic and still get RAVE reviews about it. We hope that you keep your word when saying that Classic will not go away. When introducing Next, we have gotten very bland and even poor reviews. The general comment has been “I liked the older version better!”. When our custormers and trainers say this, we pay attention to them!

I myself have been associated with prezi from 2012. Infact I built my professional career upon designing prezi. This always had generally very positive review from the clients and 60% clients tend to get back to me for repeat work. And if a client once use prezi he was bound to come back. But since the inception of nightmare named Prezi Next I literally had to seek professional job for livelihood. I basically lost my 80% of design work order. Almost all client now see prezi Next and they don’t bother to continue. According to them “Its not what I was looking for! it looks like powerpoint” Anyway I know this reply does not mean anything or carry no importance whatsoever but to prezi product managers, did you do right thing by introducing prezi Next design concept? please ask yourself. Thank you for all the fun I had with prezi Classic. I miss the good times.


I have also been a Prezi user since 2012. As a university teacher I had the advantage of not having to pay for this service, but I have highly recommended “Classic” to students starting their career, public audiences during lectures and so on. I assume that perhaps someone of these became a paying customer.

Since I have not been paying anything I am aware that it is hard for me to pose any demands on Prezi. Since I am still very skeptic about any cloud-based services which might terminate any time beyond my control, I have never used Prezi for any important work or for any of my main course lectures - and now I am quite happy about this decision.

I am right now updating tomorrows lecture and it will most probably be my last contact ever with Prezi. This is sad, but I have much better ways to make my presentations using LaTeX and BEAMER. They lack the “special way” Prezi presentations deviated from the main stream, but as I understand it, so does “Next”.

There is no need for another standard presentation platform!


I have been for a long time not using prezi and now I have discovered Prezi next and I wonder if is possible to import an old prezi classic presentation into a Prezi next presentation

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@Joaquin_Lablanca for the time being, it’s not possible, I’m afraid, but I merged your question to the thread discussing the same request, we will update this topic if we get any updates from our Product team.

This has been “under discussion” for a year, Vanda. There is been NO movement since this request was made. It took a year to get basic spell check added. Do we have to wait another year to get this feature? If it takes a year this means 2 years to get one feature added . . . . not good to keep customers. This is a genuine concern for us. There are several features (which should have been basic features in Next) that have not been added and the requests have been made for nearly a year now. Why the HUGE delays?

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