Import Prezi Classic presentations into Prezi Present

Yes, you can import an old .pez file for Prezi Next. I just figure this out by myself. I worked with Prezi Classic Desktop for many years. One of the advantages of the old Prezi Classic system is that the presentation could be exported as a .pez file for storage in users’ own folders. This allowance for local presentation is quite convenient for old-age users like me.

To import an old .pez file into the new NEXT platform:
(1) Run Prezi Classic app
(2) Import the .pez file you want into the “local presentation” page
(3) Click on that file icon with three bars and choose the “Move to synced presentations”.
(4) Wait, wait, wait, it takes several minutes…(the file will automatically synced to the cloud)
(5) Now open your Prezi Dashboard. Here you can see your old file there!! Congratulations!
(6) Click on the pencil icon of the file, in the pump out page choose “Create a copy & Edit in Prezi Present”.
(7) Now you can enjoy the features of the new Prezi Next platform!

Hi @Cher-wei_Liang, thanks for the detailed instructions on this method.

Please note that this only works if you have access to the Prezi Classic desktop application that we do not offer anymore due to the discontinuation of the Classic platform.