Import Text (+) as individual lines

I want to be able to import a text file (or paste) in such a way that every line is a separate entity (text item) - as opposed to the way prezi does it now when I paste text - it creates a single text entity. It’d like to have an option for the occasions when I write an outline in my text editor and want to paste in prezi with each line as a separate enity of the prezi.

Even better if there was a csv import format (for more complex imports) where I could specify the the size, color, path order and frame of each line …

But for now - it would be nice if I could merely paste text and tell prezi to separate each line in a separate box (perhaps an option in the text box) - and even better if I could tell prezi to also spread out the new text boxes evenly so I can edit it easier


Hi CJ,
I’m glad to inform you about our new text editor feature which allows you to simply move lines from a big text box.

You’re welcome,

Thanks - but I don’t think this feature is what I was referring to …
If I have 50 lines of text - I know I can paste into a prezi text box, and then later, one by one, separate (drag or paste) into their own individual text boxes.
What I want is a way for prezi to allow me, as I paste the text (aka “paste special”) to either paste them into a single text box or into 50 separate boxes (hopefully not all on top of each other).

Thanks for specifying your request. We don’t support this feature, but I will take note of it.

I have a lot of ppts. i see that they would need to be pdfs to be imported. That sounds unlikely to result in a nice prezi.

I don’t want to recreate prezis in the prezi editor since it would take a long time. when I create ppts I use the power-point text import feature. A text file of the following type

This is a Slide title
           This is a bullet list item following a tab
           This is another bullet list item  following a tab
This is another Slide title
           This is another bullet list item following a tab
           This is another bullet list item  following a tab

Do you have a way of importing text files? It seems not. When there is a way, it would be great if you let us know on this thread.

Thanks Vera,

I managed to get my PPTs into prezi. They are going to need a lot of massaging but they are all there.