Importing notes from PowerPoint (Windows)

I’ve noticed that when I import a ppt presentation using the Mac Prezi Video app, the presentation notes are automatically included. However, when I import a presentation in Windows, the notes are not. Is there a way to import presentation notes in the Windows version?

Hello @Humor_That_Works, can you send me a screenshot of these notes on Mac?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Hello, I’m sorry for the delay. Unfortunately I’m not where my Mac is right now. But the basic steps are when I import PPT on my Mac, my speaker notes are in the presentation notes section at the top of the app. When I import PPT on my PC, they are not.

@Humor_That_Works thanks for raising this matter, our development team is working on fixing this for Windows as well. We’ll update this thread once we have any news :slight_smile: