Importing Prezi Design charts to Present

I’m creating a presentation in Prezi Present and wanted to use a Waterfall Chart but it is not available in Prezi Present. However, it is available in Prezi Design along with a lot more Chart options. The Charts in Prezi Design also have animations compared to the ones in Present. I can create the Chart in Design, add it to my library and then include it in my Prezi Present but then it will only be added as an image. It will lose its animation and I won’t be able to edit it unless I go back to Prezi Design. Is there anything I’m missing or a better workaround?

Any help would be very appreciated. My presentation is for Monday.



Hello @CIH_Marketing, please note that you can add Prezi Design Charts to your Present document as images, MP4 videos or GIFs.

For this, you would need to export your charts from Prezi Design and upload them to Prezi Present. You can find further information here.

Hope this helps and I’ll forward your feedback to our product team.

Please read my question again. Like I mentioned in my question, I know I can add it as an image… but then I won’t be able to edit it in my present document. Plus like I mentioned, it will loose it’s animation as well (even if it is MP4 or GIF). I would appreciate it if you could read my question again and provide me with a specific response.


Hello @CIH_Marketing, thanks for your feedback about the available charts in Prezi Present. I’ll make sure to pass it along to our product team.

As a workaround, you can create your presentation in slides format using Prezi Design.