Importing SVG (or AI) Vector Graphic into Prezi NEXT


Hi :wink:
As i often was asked in my workshops “How can i import my own vector graphic images into Prezi?” the answer might be also from interest for this community:

The direct importing of a SVG graphic via “Insert|Image” might sometimes work for SVG files or lead to an error message. Either way - the result is not satisfying as the image got converted to pixel graphic during the import.

If you want to insert a vector graphic file (i tried out SVG and AI) you have to take some prior actions, then it works like a charm (even with a BASIC account).

A Prezi (with a step-by-step - tutorial video included) can be found here:

I hope thisworkaround fulfills your expecations! Feel free to share and drop me a line the comment section of my Prezi with your experiences.


I was looking forward as I found your tips for conversion some time ago (though on another site). Unfortunately I do not own MS Office and none of the popular clouds requires. So I tried to find alternative no-cost solutions with as little effort as possible.
Directly converts uploaded SVG to downloadable PDF, easy to use
Vector graphics software, frightening number of possibilities

I’m not the brightest star in the sky of vector artists, but I recommend Inkscape. With a little luck you only need two clicks to success: Load (SVG), save as PDF.
Compared to the online converter, Inkscape creates typically small files in size, IMHO in reality wraps bitmaps into a PDF container, recognizable that there exists a limit in zooming those files.