Importing Templates from Prezzip to Prezi Desktop

I recently found some free Prezi Templates that I would like to use in my Prezi Desktop but I can’t find how to download them so they show up in my template choices. Any Help? - Thanks

Hi Jeff,

Can you give me a brief description of the templates that you are talking about?


if you did not find the template in the Prezi Desktop template chooser, you can create a prezi online from your favorite template and download it as a pez file.

from that point you continue your work in Prezi Desktop.

we will update templates in the forthcoming release of the Prezi Desktop.

I downloaded a Template from It put a bunch of png and swf files in a folder. I’m looking for how to load these into my templates for Prezi Desktop.

Jeff and Todd - I have the same question!

same question. Could you please explain on how to import the Prezzip templates to Prezi? I have an Edu license.

Never got a satisfactory answer before my eval license expired. decided not to purchase it. seems too limiting and not flexible enough. Another simple thing i wanted to do was to have something move from one frame to another. For example a care on a manufacturing line. have it go station [Frame] to station as things get added to it. Prezi cannot do this. Very difficult to work with animation across frames.

and now i don’t know why,maybe there’s trouble with internet connection or what,i can’t open and ,any other alternative links?