Inactive Link Tracking


Is it technologically possible to capture instances when someone clicks on a link that has been made inactive?


@Plastic_Ingenuity Since no data is tracked when you deactivate the link, I’m afraid there is no way too see how many people click on it. If you choose not to delete the data after deactivation, you can still access it on the Analytics site to see the number of views (up until the link was active).

Could you tell us what would be the purpose of seeing the number of clicks on the deactivated link? If you believe this would be a useful feature, we could forward the idea to the responsible team.


@Agnes the reason I ask is because our presentations typically have confidential material contained within, so I don’t like to leave the links open/active for too long. If there is no activity after a few months, I usually turn the links “off” to avoid any possibility that the material ends up in the wrong hands. By making links inactive, it can also prompt our customers to contact our sales team to get a new link if truly needed, rather than view potentially outdated material.

That said, I don’t want to discourage customers from viewing our company information either. If there was a way to determine if/when someone clicked on an inactive link, our sales team could then benefit from notification that there was interest and follow up accordingly, rather than lose a potential conversation. It wouldn’t have to uptick or keep tally if that’s difficult. I’m thinking more along the lines of a Slack pop-up (or similar) to simply inform me/license holder that “hey, someone tried to open X prezi today using an inactive link, and if they don’t call/email you, it might be good for you to call/email them.”

The more difficult part is determining the WHO part- I imagine it’s easier to say “someone” clicked vs. drilling down to the actual individual.

I’m always trying to improve our use of the Analytics & tracking features. If you have other suggestions, I’m open to hearing. I could keep our links open longer (in some cases), but it also gets super messy in the Analytics link section if I do so… So perhaps another direction to pursue would be to request folders or tags in that area? Help me organize these links that I feel comfortable leaving active?

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