Inconsistency between PPT converter and Create from Template

If I start Prezi with the “Convert PowerPoint” button, then the Layout option of the “Shape & Layout” tools menu is disabled.

If I start Prezi with the “Create from template” button, then the “Insert / PowerPoint” option is disabled. So I can not use “PowerPoint” and “Layout” at the same time.

What will be the problem? My plan is “EDU Plus”.

Hello @Sanderson_Francisco, the PPT editor and the Prezi Next work differently, that’s why you see different features:

  • PPT converter: you need to select this option to convert your PPT slides. It’s only possible to change the Shape & Layout of the topics for the options available in the editor;

  • Create from template (Next editor): it’s not possible to convert your PPT through here as you can exclusively create new Prezi Next presentations;