Insert buttom in EDU standard


Hello! I just started using Prezi. I would like to insert symbols, create lines, arrows etc. in my presentation. When I want to edit my presentation, only the “file” and “edit” button work, but not “insert”, “view”, “present” and “help”. Am I doing something wrong or is it because of the license I am using? I am using the “EDU standard” license at the moment.
Thanks for helping!


Hello, @Eva_Schober. I am sorry you have encountered this issue. Could you please let us know what browser this happens in?

Please know that for the best performance we suggest using the latest version of Google Chrome.


I am using the latest version of firefox. So is this problem not because of the licence I am using?


That is correct, the problem is not connected to the license - currently there is a problem with Firefox and the responsible team is already dealing with it.

Could you please switch to Chrome or Safari, if possible? I apologize for the inconvenience.


I tried Chrome and Safari now. Prezi doesn’t run on Chrome (although I am using the latest version) but it works perfectly on Safari. Thanks for your help. I


I am glad to hear it works on Safari.

Could you please specify what does not work with Chrome? We have just tested it and it runs on our end, so it should work.