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How can i insert a chart representing data, such as the excel ones?


Many times I simply create the chart in Excel, save the chart as a JPG or PDF file & then just insert into Prezi that way…adding additional details as needed while I’m working in Prezi. Another way I’ve done it is to actually create the data in Prezi, using the rectangles & other shapes for a simple yet effective bar chart. Depends on the data/details required. Not sure if that helps, but it’s a start, and I’m sure others may have different suggestions.


Thank you very much


Are charts available in Prezi Next? I don’t see an option to insert or create one. Will this be coming?


As @vera has mentioned in this post, the best way you can make use of Infogram in Prezi at this time is to download your Infogram creations as images and insert these into your Prezi presentations.

I hope this helps!


Quick link to infogram to get started. I think it’s fair to mention you need a paid infogram account in order to perform downloads.

And super-short blog post from May that might be worth reading if you’re looking for background on the infogram-Prezi connection. I think there’s a post in the Announcements section in this forum as well.

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Inserting Excel tables into Prezi Next is super easy. We have written a small tutorial together with an example video:


I am trying to create a basic chart but the insert drop down is totally basic, why do you all have sales deck templates and clearly no way to cleanly present numbers??? I wish I would have looked at the community before I spent $180 to purchase Prezi Next.


@rashida.petersen, we have merged your request to the thread that discusses this feature request. We’re working on the integration of Prezi and Infogram to provide further possibilities in creating charts and data visualization. In the mean time please check some workaround offered above. We will update the topic as soon as there is any news.


We’re happy to share the news that charts are now available in Prezi Next with a Plus or above license. For further details, check this post in our Announcement category.