Insert frame around text


Is there any way to set up a text item so that it has a visible border or frame around it in Prezi Next? I haven’t been able to find one. Thanks.


Hello @Eric_Stewart, I am sending an example on how to insert a frame around your text in Prezi Next:


Thanks, Catarina. That method works, of course. I already knew it, as a matter of fact. I was hoping for a more straightforward way that requires fewer steps, such as this from Prezi Classic:

One problem with the way you showed me is that one has to be careful, if one wants to duplicate the text box and border together, to make sure to select both before copying them. If the border is intrinsically associated with the text, that’s never a problem.

So I would like to make a feature request for Prezi Next, to the effect that it be made easy-peasy to create and duplicate text boxes that have their own borders, just as was possible in Prezi Classic.

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Hello @Eric_Stewart, thank you so much for sharing your suggestion, we are always trying to develop and improve Prezi, so feedback like yours is always welcome. I have passed on your request to our development team to have text with borders in Prezi Next.