Insert Image Won't go to Google Search

When I click insert image it will only allow me to insert images from my files. The sidebar with the google search option doesn’t appear. In the past that sidebar has always appeared. I’m a teacher and my students use my account. I’m guessing someone accidentally changed a setting but I don’t know how to change it back. 

I have a Pro licence and the image search was working fine on Tuesday. Yesterday and today though, every search query (including the exact same ones I used on Tuesday) return the message “your search did not match any images”.

Hi Vera,

Yes, there seems to have been a sudden change just since Tuesday. Could you confirm what it is?

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I received this response about the same issue this morning:
"Thank you for contacting Prezi Support.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We are aware of this issue on our site, and we are working hard to resolve it. We will update you once we find a solution.

Thank you for your kind understanding and I will be in touch soon!"

Vera and Sinead – When I click Insert and then Image it doesn’t give me a place to search for images. It will only let me insert images from files already saved on my computer. 

It will not let me know copy and paste an image either. I work with third graders and the appeal of Prezi is that it is very user friendly for them. Having to save images to the computer and then find them to insert takes away a BIG part of that user-friendliness. 

Hi Vera,

Ok thank you. I’m a bit confused now though … once fixed, will the option to search and choose images directly from Google be available again, or will we have to upgrade as mentioned in the ‘Official’ reply.

Thanks again!


I’d like to ask the same questions as Sinead…so I will no longer be able to search for images within Prezi without paying for an account? I’m a teacher that teaches 4th graders and the appeal of prezi is that it’s that simple that I don’t have to copy, paste, etc. I just type in what I’m looking for. I was about to teach my class prezi for an end of year assignemnt and was disappointed the feature was not available.

I have contacted Google support since we are a GAFE school and shared the link to this discussion with the support person.  His response is that this is not due to a “change in a Google API”.

He says that changes in Google’s API don’t happen that often. 
I know that it is beyond my place on the technological food
chain. Perhaps this link will shed light regarding API

I am also paying for an EDU Pro account and the google image search bar does not open. I have logged out and back in. My account is on automatic renewal. i am in the middle of a huge annual project involving over 200 images and the google side bar is essential for workflow. Please help

I would like to download images from the web

This makes the prezi cumbersome and certainly not user friendly. When images are freely available on google anyway, it seems like it’s just a way to make money rather than a licensing issue. :frowning:

whenever I clicked n insert images, it will always direct me to browse from my saved computer files. So now we cannot browsing from the google images or internet anymore?

I have PRO but still do not have access to this feature… I did before… and have since upgraded to PRO but no luck… HELP? 

I have the Edu Pro subscription and I am unable to access the image search feature…disappointing.