Insert Logo - Enjoy account

why after i upgrade my account to eduenjoy, i still can’t put my own logo?

Hi Amir,

If you are a license holder of any of these licenses: Enjoy and Edu Enjoy you can insert your own logo in the online editor.

To upload your own logo, take the following steps. 

  • Click on the ’ Themes’ tab from the top menu. 
  • Click on ’ Customize Current   Theme…’
  • Then from the Theme wizard select the  'Upload custom logo’ feature. 
    Here you can find more information:

Note:  Anyone can trial the Prezi for Windows/ Mac for 30 days. Only Pro and Edu Pro have access to the Prezi for Windows or Mac after that, so they can change the logo in the online editor and in the prezi offline application while Enjoy and Edu Enjoy only have access to the online editor, so you will be able to change your logo in the online editor.

Let me know if this information helps you out.
Kind regards,

I am having trouble now with having the logo show up in the offline version.  I have an Enjoy account and I uploaded my logo online.  The quality is not brilliant, I have to say.  However, it doesn’t show up on the synced version in my offline account so if I am presenting without access to wifi, my logo will not appear.  Have I don’t something wrong?

Hi Melinda, 

Sorry for any inconvenience!
Recommended size for image logo is  250 pixels wide X by 100 pixels high.
 We support,  JPG,   PNG, GIF,  and SWF](   files.  
The quality might have to do with the image, have you tried opening it in any other coloured background?

If you want to present you prezi offline with an Enjoy account, you can simply download your prezi as a portable , and you will be able to see your presentation with your own logo.

Here you can find more information: