Inserted images keep processing


Hey everyone

I’m trying to update an presentation. Never had any problems. Now Prezi keeps processing when I try to insert an image. What could be the cause?


Hello @Kim_Maricau, if you are using a supported format, it is possible that your firewall settings were updated and they are blocking the upload. please make sure there’s nothing that could be blocking the software, thanks in advance.



Thank you for the quick response. At work, we work on the server, so I can’t change anything to the firewall settings. I only have this problem in Prezi Classic. I can upload images very easily in Prezi Next. Is there no way to transfer my old prezi to Prezi Next?

Thank you!


@Kim_Maricau Do you experience this with all of your presentations or just one in particular? If it is only one, could you send us the link so we can test it? Thanks in advance.

In addition, could you maybe test the image uploading from a different network and from a different device if possible?