Inserted PDF has the same background as the slide. Why?

When I insert a PDF into a Prezi Next presentation (using Insert - Image) the PDF goes in fine, but it has the same background colour as the slide. Is there a way around this?


If that happens, it means you are inserting it as a “text PDF” and not an “image PDF”. A way to see if you have “text” vs “image” PDF is that if you can copy and paste the text out of the PDF file then it is a “text PDF”. We can suggest saving the PDF as “PDF Image only” format to have the white background when inserting it into your presentation.

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I’m including pdf text docents in my prezi. Sometimes they have a white background as they are supposed to and sometimes the background is transparent which makes the text really hard to read. Any idea how to change this?

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@F_T, I have merged your post into a relevant thread. Please see the suggestion above, I hope this helps.

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Can you explain how to convert a “text PDF” into a “PDF Image only”?

Hello @Frank_Lohse, would you like to convert it to a read-only PDF? You can do so using this tool.

Thank you, that does the trick. Althoug files get huge. My 2 MB-file became 52 MB. Also I don’t like to upload my files. My question was relating to Lanas post. Any other suggestion?

Hello @Frank_Lohse, you’re also able to do so inside Adobe, please check this article on how to do it :slight_smile:


You need to convert a PDF text to a PDF image with a conversion tool like CloudConvert. In CloudConvert, you will select your PDF text and convert it to JPG. Now you should have a white background.