Inserted video doesn't always play from the beginning in the downloaded version of Prezi!!

This issue has embarrassed me several times during important presentations. I downloaded my Prezi for offline presentations, and then when a video was supposed to start from the beginning, it started from somewhere in the middle. I think because the last time that Prezi was tested online, the video did not completely play, and when I downloaded the Prezi, it remembered that and tried to keep that in the downloaded version. I think Prezi should play all inserted videos from the beginning everytime it is played. This is a bug.

Thank you for your reply. I this that is the issue. However, I tried to move the video timeline indicator to the beginning for all videos, then close the offline Prezi, and reopen it. Unfortunately, the problem did not solve. I am using a lot of videos in my Perzis and I think that’s why I noticed this!

We are having the same issue. Videos stay where they were when you went onto the next slide. Then when you play the PREZI, the video plays from where you last left it. Isn’t there a way to force the video to return to the START, waiting for you to run the PREZI again?

Hello Vanda,
Yes, I still have the issue. There is no problem with the online version, though. So any ofline prezi with video has this problem.

Hello Vanda,

Here is the link:

Thank you!

Hello Vanda,

Please try this, download this Prezi, and then run it. when you turn the slides, just do not let the videos be played till the end. and then close it and re-run the Prezi. This time, you will see that the videos will resume playing from where it was stopped last time! This is the issue


I think I’m having the same issue. When I arrive at a venue, we soundcheck everything. Just playing the videos long enough to get the levels set. If I don’t restart the software, the videos start where they left off instead of restarting.

As an example, let’s say I have 2 videos, and the first one takes 15s to get the levels set, and the second video takes 30s to get everything set. If I i just jump to the top of the presentation (forget to close and reopen the software) then the videos will start 15s in and 30s in. If that makes sense…

Is there a way to set videos to ALWAYS start at the beginning?


I am having a similar issue. I have my Prezi on a 10 second autoplay and it is on a continous loop throughout the day. I have added my own video and when I initally click present the video does play with no issues, but when the Prezi starts from the beginning again, the video does not play from the beginning. It just shows the end of the video and does not play.

How do I get the video to always play from the beginning every time the Prezi begins again from the first slide?

It seems to be working fine now, but thank you for getting back to me.