Inserted video not playing


I have put a new video into a presentation and it will not play. I tried deleting it and re-uploading it. No go. Here is the link. Can you see it?


Hi @Lee_Heaver, I was able to play the videos from this link but I had to click on them as they might not be included in the path.

Are you able to play them when you click on them or they don’t load at all? Could you maybe test the link in a different browser as well? Thanks in advance.


I have used different browsers and computers no go on my end. I have had this problem before. I just can’t remember the solution.


@Lee_Heaver Since we could not recreate the issue it is most probably connected to your device/network.

Please make sure there are no firewall settings that could be blocking the software from accessing locally uploaded video files and please provide us the system+technical specs (RAM, graphics card etc.) of the computer where you are currently experiencing the issue so we can test it more efficiently.