Inserted YouTube video shows as private

I have many embedded YouTube videos in my prezi, which work fine for me even when logged out of my profile and worked fine on a colleagues computer, but a teacher that would like to use the Prezi says that it shows up with “YouTube videos are private” message". The videos are all public.

Meet the Orchestra PREZI by Kyle Spraker on Prezi Next

Does anyone else receive the same message? Anyone know how to solve the problem? (she assures me that her school does not block YouTube).

Thank you!

Hello @Kyle_Spraker, I have checked the presentation, and I also see some videos blocked with the message that the video is private. I right-clicked on these videos, clicked on “Copy Video URL”, then paste it into a different browser tab to open it, but it was still blocked as private.

Could you please double-check this on your Youtube channel and check Youtube’s help center?

some videos, not all?
I’ll triple check. Thanks

Hi @Kyle_Spraker, have you changed anything on the videos? I have double-checked your presentation now, and all of the videos play correctly. They have a thumbnail as well.

Previously some videos were playing (they had a thumbnail), and some videos were shown as private (they only had a black rectangle).

Great! I did two things:

  1. upgraded to a paid account and downloaded the Prezi Next app
  2. I deleted two unused (and private) videos that were just sitting in the Prezi without an assigned place in the presentation (which is why I kept missing them when I played through)
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