Inserting a YouTube link to Prezi Video

Good evening,
where I am currently using the free version and I ask if during a presentation with Prezi, live shooting + info graphics, through Zoom, it is possible to view a video inserted via YouTube link? Thanks.
Stefano - Italy

Hey @Stefano_Brandoli at the moment it’s not possible to insert hyperlinks to your videos, however I’ve passed on the request to our developers, if it gets added as a feature in the future, we’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:

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Actually I was surprised by this “feature” as well during my presentation preparation, so I actually used screen sharing instead of direct teleconference virtual cam insertion and I put the usual Youtube player on top of it when needed, you first have to adjust the size so that you simply have to move the window over. It is not at all as convenient, but it does work.

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Hi @Christian_Mercat, that sound like a good workaround, thanks for sharing!
We will update this thread if there are any news about this feature. :slight_smile: