Inserting formulae



Just like Prezi Classic the Prezi Next is unable to create a scientific formula or a mathematical expression.

You have to make use of external tools, I’ll present two possibilties from a pool of dozens. The first one is the fastest (LaTeX online), the 2nd one is much slower and uses standard programs of a windows user.

I took this special problem as an opportunity to make my first Prezi Next. :wink:

PREZI Next Inserting Formulae

Mathematical module
How to write square numbers or index

Thank you for sharing this workaround with us, @Gerald_Gantschnigg!


I’m working on a presentation with some mathematical text and would love to have some LaTex available.
could it be that there one available already and I just missed it?



Hi, @Ofer_Fili. You can use for LaTex. Also, please feel free to check out the presentation above created by @Gerald_Gantschnigg, it is very useful.

If you still need a solution after this, please feel free to let us know.


thank you @Lana for your reply!


Glad I could help!


Hey guys,

I don’t want to insert a whole formula into my Prezi, I just want to write " H² " or " H₂O₂ " with a MacBook Air. Therefore, do I need LaTex nevertheless or is There another way to write these numbers in index?

thank you so much!


Hello, @Kira_Hanschitz. I have responded to your question in the other topic.


Is there any way to add formulas with exponents, square roots, and division?


@Brent_Hannig I merged your question into the relevant thread, please see the suggested workaround above.


I am trying to create a Prezi with some equations. In particular, I am trying to achieve the followings:

  1. Insert subscripts and superscripts such as 10^2 and 10_2.
  2. Use greek letters

I tried the copy and paste method but it wouldn’t work. I am running a mac and I tried to copy from different text editors already. I am using the font Works Sans in Prezi, which should work.


@Silvia_Drift I merged your question into the relevant forum thread, please check the recommended workaround above.