Inserting website link


I’m trying to insert a link to an external website… Is it possible to have a link that you can click on and it takes you to the website just like in PPT?


@Michela_Chang You can insert a hyperlink by simply typing the address which will become clickable in Present mode.


I tried this. Inserting a YouTube link as plain text in order to have a clickable path to a YouTube source video.
It did not work. Neither with leading “http://” nor with just the “www”.
Is it really this simple? Then what mistake am I making?
Thankful for help!


Here is how it is done:

I hope it helps!


Is there a way to change the link name just to improve the appearance? I would rather the link say “really cool resource” rather than


@Roger_Blankenship Please check the following forum topic for possible workarounds:

We recommend using “buttons” for the links to make the presentation look cooler, hopefully you’ll like this solution! In addition, you can find other alternatives offered by users in the above forum topic, please check those as well.