Inserting YouTube videos



Is there another problem currently with inserting youtubevideo’s? The feature is disabled???

Embedded Videos No Longer Playing

Hello, @Saskia_van_der_Linde. Everything should work well. Could you please let me know what browser you are using? Please know it should meet the system requirements.

Also, such cases can be connected to a firewall-related problem, so it could be useful to check our topic on troubleshooting firewall issues.


I have worked always with prezi, I made lots presentations.
It didn’t work in firefox, Chrome works fine!


Could you please let us know the Firefox version so that we could look into it further?


61.0.2 (64-bits)


Thank you for the information. We have run a test and everything seems to work well on our end. Does it happen with a specific presentation? Could you please send us a link to it in that case? Also, it would be very helpful to have a screenshot/screencast of the issue.


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It is strange, the problem occures in different presentations, but smetimes it dows (2 hours ago) and sometimes it doesn’t (now).

So probably not solvable


If the problem comes and goes, it is possible it is connected to the environment, such as the browser version, the internet connection, and etc.