integration with

It would be really nice if Prezi integrated with

Hey there, thanks for the idea! We’ve noted it and always post updates here when we’re able to deliver user-requested ideas.

I don’t know in what format the polleverywhere data is available, but you can always upload pdfs and jpgs of your data/tables/graphs into Prezi.

This is Brad from Poll Everywhere. We just got this working and I upload a tutorial on YouTube on embedding Poll Ev polls into Prezi at….

This is not working for me in the PreziDesktop3 air app on a Mac. When I insert or drag the swf file into my prezi, there is a “downloading” circle that shows briefly, and then nothing.

Any suggestions? I have tried zooming in and out try finding the poll (sometimes prezi loses inserted files), but I cannot find it. Flash and Air are up-to-date.

Hi Tony,

can you send the .swf in so I can check whether the file itself is the culprit? My email address is the usual Please include the link to this topic, so I can stay organized in the flood of emails :wink:

It seems to be an issue with prezi desktop (on the Mac at least). I was able to load the swf in a test prezi on the website.

OK, thanks for the feedback!