Integration with Zoom does not work

Integration with ZOOM does not work

  1. I installed the latest version zoom (version 5.9.3)
  2. I installed Prezi Video
  3. I have Windows 10
  4. I have a paid plan (
  5. But integration doesn’t work… App Zoom won’t connect to app Prezi Video… Watch video
  6. ZOOM app PC cannot import data (will connect to server Prezi)

What to do?

Hi @Andrii_Nekrasov, Welcome to the forum!

I could see on the video that you are trying to use the desktop application and the integrated Zoom app at the same time. Please note that you should either use one or the other at the moment.

As I see you are trying to import a Prezi Present presentation, which is only possible in the desktop application.

I would advise you to check this article for further information.