Interactive webinar with Prezi Video

Hi All

I wondered if anyone could guide me on how I can get Prezi to work in my situation?
We used to have a workshop environment with three or four key speakers presenting, with videos,to an audience. This was followed by each of the audience trying a small presentation themselves which could be watch and then critiqued by everyone. Obviously, with the COVID problems, this is no longer possible but I’m not sure if Prezi can work in this situation.

I understand how the keynote speakers can deliver their presentations to a number of people ( in our case about 20) but how would Prezi allow each of the audience to be seen by everyone as they became the speaker and then how could their feedback be offered in a webinar way?

Anyone’s suggestions would be very much appreciated as I am going down so many blind alleys not seein the light!

Many thanks

Hi @Simon_Biagi, please note that Prezi could help you to create your content, then to virtually present it async in a form of a recorded video or live on a video conferencing tool (Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, etc.).

For interactions coming from the audience, you would need to use the chat feature of the conferencing tool, or a 3rd party service like Slido, or something similar.

Here is a nice article about Prezi Video, hope this helps!